Diminutive diaries- Pain

There are times when you want to cry your heart out, scream as loud as you can and vent it all. But you can’t. Neither a tear drops nor a whisper comes out of your mouth. The volcano inside you refuses to erupt. The heart is unwilling to let go of the pain that makes it so heavy. You become more than the sum of all your parts. Your grief conquers you and you are subdued. You cannot fight anymore. You want to get rid of the pain but it clings on to you.

This time, the war ended but peace left.


The Battle of Hogwarts

May 2nd, 2015 marked the 17th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. It’s been seventeen years since peace and calm were restored in the wizarding world. Seventeen years since witches and wizards ceased to live with fear and began living life with dignity. Seventeen years since no Dark Lord has been luring innocent but gullible witches and wizards to do his bidding. Seventeen years since Hogwarts has been a peaceful school as it must be. Seventeen years since Harry’s scar hurt. Seventeen years since the most devastating sorcerer of the wizarding world, Voldemort, died; once and for ever.

However, war always accompanies terrible losses. It’s been seventeen years since George Weasley lost his twin Fred; seventeen years since Teddy Lupin was orphaned; seventeen years since Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Severus Snape and so many others died fighting a losing battle. The war claimed lives and changed many lives so that they could never be same again. It was devastation worse than any other seen in the wizarding world for ages.

The war left behind many questions unanswered. For instance, what if years later someone discovered the tale of the Elder Wand and disarmed Harry Potter, its last owner? S/he could own the wand and the wizarding world could have another Dark Lord with the world’s most powerful wand. What would happen then- another Battle of Hogwarts? Nobody knows.


The war taught us many lessons. Voldemort’s death illustrates how evil meets an end, sooner or later. Harry Potter’s courage inspires us to fight, no matter how strong the enemy. Ron and Hermione exemplify the qualities of an ideal friend. Molly Weasley exhibits the powers of an infuriated woman. Neville Longbottom displays the bravery of someone undermined all his life. Gryffindor house portrays the strength of unity. Hogwarts school personifies loyalty, determination, courage and standing for one’s principles.

To all those who martyred for a good cause, not only that day but ever since Voldemort began conquering the wizarding world, you have not died in vain. You gave your life for the cause of the welfare of the wizarding as well as Muggle communities. You have contributed to this war. You have helpedĀ Voldemort script his own death. You have played your part well in a great cause. May your souls rest in peace.