The Strong Woman

There she was, a strong woman.
She smiled like a fairy
And laughed like a child.
She looked strict and stern
Yet she was gentle, calm and kind.

There she was, a strong woman.
But she was not immune to pain.
She could not conceal it
But she endured it.
She went on, but would not reveal it.

There she was, a strong woman.
In a world where everyone was resisting and quitting
Hers was one brave, brave battle.
Nobody knew why she was fighting
Neither what kept her moving…

There she was, a strong woman.
Nobody knew of her struggles
But she and she alone.
Her strength lay in her silence.
There she was, one of the strongest women I’d known.


Diminutive diaries- Pain

There are times when you want to cry your heart out, scream as loud as you can and vent it all. But you can’t. Neither a tear drops nor a whisper comes out of your mouth. The volcano inside you refuses to erupt. The heart is unwilling to let go of the pain that makes it so heavy. You become more than the sum of all your parts. Your grief conquers you and you are subdued. You cannot fight anymore. You want to get rid of the pain but it clings on to you.

This time, the war ended but peace left.


Let us drench in the rain
and let our sorrows dissolve
Let us shout in vain
and release the storm within

Let us revel in memories
and travel back in time
Let us write poetry
even it doesn’t rhyme

Let us close our eyes
and avoid what crosses our sight
Let us believe it never happened
it was a nightmare we saw last night

Let us numb the pain even if
it’ll be worse when we feel it
Let us disappear and return only when
there remains no need to heal it

Cold is not cool

We live in an age where being cool is associated with being carefree. Rather, to be honest, careless. Why care if someone or something is gone? Something else shall come.

It is good to be practical, but it is not okay to be insensitive. Sentimentality and sensitivity are two different things. We ought to react to what happens in our lives. Yes, it is wrong to ruin ourselves for someone who is gone. But it is obvious that we shall feel the void, at least for a while. If we never felt pain, agony or longing, would we be humans in the first place? We’d only be robots doing things we were programmed to do.

Suffering from pain and managing it is no less than an art. But not feeling pain at all is a disorder. It makes you less human. I am not saying that it is wrong to be strong. We all must be strong enough to tackle pain but not so insensitive and heartless so as not to feel any pain at all.

Those with a lot of people in their lives can never understand what it is to have a limited social circle with a select few people. We must respect each other’s choices and not judge them based on our preferences. It is okay if a person wants to have a hundred friends and likewise it is okay if a person is happy with one friend. Someone with few friends shall obviously grieve the departure of a special one because attachments are deeper when they are with few people. It is impractical to brood for long but inconsiderate not to think about it at all. You have lost someone and you must feel something about it. You cannot  be a mute spectator to life’s tactics.

It is important to be sensitive enough to understand what others feel. It is equally important to understand what is going on in our own life. There comes a time when those who are very cold-hearted receive the same treatment and they cannot take it. Nobody can live without love. There is no life without bonds. No human can resist attachments.

Be cool, but be human enough. Don’t ridicule those who feel pain, agony, regret, sorrow or any other emotion- it is a part and parcel of being human. Let go of your weaknesses and dependence, but never let the human in you die.

It is okay to cry and grieve the loss of someone, once in a while. Who knows, in the race of being cool, you might end up so cold one day that no warmth shall be able to revive you.