The Happy Flower

Once upon a time, there was a garden full of flowers. Everyone seemed to be fond of one particular flower which stood out from the rest. It had its family and a few friends staying around. But not all that is good is liked by all. Few others were envious and troubled it every now and then. It had its own way of dealing with everything.

Our dear flower was jolly and cheerful. It worked very hard and did not like to waste time. But it was also very kind and caring. It loved its near and dear ones with all its heart. It was also sensitive and considerate towards the problems of others. It was always willing to listen and help them in every way it could. It was not an ordinary flower; it was special in several ways. It was beautiful for what it was, with its own virtues and imperfections.

But it also too had its limitations. After working so hard for itself as well as others, it often felt exhausted. It was always enthusiastic to think and try something new. However, it is a well-known fact that it is never easy to ride on a less travelled path. While some took undue advantage of its goodness, others simply did everything they could to plant obstacles in its path and let it down. But our flower was as strong as a fort and always fought back valiantly.

Due to these troublemakers, it could hardly sleep well. There were days it looked woebegone and its sadness was contagious. As soon as it became gloomy, the entire garden would follow suit. Every flower would begin to look withered and the weather would immediately become dull. When the flower would not smile, those who loved it too couldn’t be happy. It would ask them not to worry but they could not see it sad.

One not so fine day, our flower was tired and upset about something. Everyone tried but nobody could make it happy again. At night, when it was struggling to sleep, a butterfly dropped a letter next to its spectacles. It woke up and read it first thing in the morning.

“Dear friend,

I have met millions of flowers but none like you. I lead a busy life, flying from flower to flower to nourish myself. But I keep returning to you because you fill not only my stomach but also my heart. I see all types of flowers with their vanities, silly thoughts and attitudes. Believe me, you are different from everybody else. You are magical.

There are some odd days when the only smile I get to see is yours. You help me feel better about myself. I am sure you do that to so many others around you. I want you to know that it is okay not to be okay at times. You have as much right as us to be sad, angry, upset, tired or frustrated. But remember that you are fortunate to have so many who love you and will stand by you. They will do anything to see you smile again. It is for them that you must not stay disturbed for long and return to your usual cheerful self soon.

Work, challenges, new tasks, and deadlines will always be there. But you already know you are strong enough to handle it all. You’ve got to do what needs to be done, so why not smile and set it right?

Just in case you have forgotten, you have a beautiful smile. Don’t forget to wear it all the time!

Your friend with wings.”

That day, our flower realized how its happiness mattered to others. It became a happy flower that smiled no matter what.

You must be one too.

Happy flower
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Reminiscence- Day 1

For those whose passion is writing and those who have been writing since childhood, it is a challenge compiling all their masterpieces together in one place. First we start writing in a book; then some of us make a diary. We, the techno-savvy writers, often start publishing them in papers, magazines or even online. Once I started blogging, my blog has become the storehouse of all my creations. Before that, I often posted my creations on Facebook.

A friend of friend read one of my old poems yesterday and complimented me. I am grateful to you, Akshata, because you indirectly gave me this amazing idea of keeping all my creations together! I had posted three poems to Facebook, I’ll re-post them here in reminiscence- not only to have them here on my blog but also as a mark of gratitude to her for appreciating them in spite of not knowing me in person.

Time for change

Yes, I made a mistake
a mistake that ruined my life!
From being happy, peaceful n pleasant,
it became a life of sorrow and strife!

I was running behind a mirage
in a desert, plain and barren.
I expected the heat of love and warmth
in the coldest land, devoid of affection!

After some time I realized,
I was expecting something out of nothing!
A grave mistake that cost me dearly,
how could I do such a thing?

But now I’ve finally woken up,
from this deep sleep and slumber!
I’ve rubbed my eyes, now i see
no illusions, everything clean and clear!

I regret and lament seeing a dream
too good to be true any day!
It was like running behind my own shadow
which i cannot catch anyway!

Yes, the guilt kills me
but now its time to amend the wrong!
It’s time to rise again, in style
and get up steady and strong!

Time for change, time for action,
a resolve not to repeat the error!
To take lessons from this chapter
and turn out wiser for the better!

No more tensions and problems in life,
no more being lured by enchanting charms….
Now that my vision has become clearer,
I see happiness welcoming me with open arms!!

time for change