Fandoms and friendships

Anybody who’s read my posts knows that I’m a Potterhead. This post is not about my fandom. It is about the relationships nurtured and nourished by fandoms.

I was introduced to this fandom by a very special friend and we continue to be friends even today, even when we’re not in the same classes anymore. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Harry Potter brought us closer. There is so much to share and discuss about our fandom that we always get topics to discuss over. One relationship gave me Harry Potter; Harry Potter gave me many more relationships.

My best friend and I had an HP themed birthday. We exchanged gifts we prepared ourselves; each one of them having a Harry Potter significance. Right from diaries to fan fiction, we truly made each other’s birthdays Potterific!

The most interesting story is perhaps of a friend of mine I’ve never met. I introduced her to the Harry Potter universe (I’m so glad I did) and yesterday, she sent me beautiful Harry Potter themed gifts! We share a common problem of being considered stupid by Muggles, because we believe too much in a fictional world (a problem every Potterhead has to encounter). But we don’t care, because she quotes the amazing Luna: “You’re just as sane as I am.” I’ve prepared HP gifts for her too and can’t wait for her birthday.

The point is that Harry Potter has changed lives for the better. It has taught us unforgettable lessons, it has inspired generations of witches and wizards like us, it has given us a fandom to revel in and given us friendships from these fandoms. Imagine being friends with someone miles away, only because you share a common fandom! Passion knows no boundaries, after all.

To all the fanboys and fangirls out there, love your fandom and it’ll always love you back! As the Nerdfighters always say, “DFTBA!” (Do not forget to be awesome!)



3 Days, 3 Quotes challenge: Day 3

On the last day of the challenge, I dedicate TFIOS a quote from TFIOS itself:

Sometimes you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.

This is exactly what TFIOS and the Harry Potter series did to me. I can’t imagine what a kind of person I’d be had these two amazing books not come into my life. The whole world must read these books because they teach us more than any person, dead or alive, any encyclopaedia or any institution can!

Today, for the umpteenth time, thank you, RavenclawSam for recommending these life-transforming books to me! I can’t thank you enough! Nor can I thank JKR and John Green for conjuring fandoms that shall never die. These awesome people gave us something to love, learn from and cherish, ALWAYS.

Potter F(or)ever

Okay, so this Saturday, I watched Harry Potter with my best friend. Before that, I’d watched it with my special friend. It is so much fun watching it with someone who is still unknown to this Potter world!

Watching it with my best friend actually invigorated me. I had lots to do and I was tired- the movie actually worked like a tonic! The best part was narrating Potter trivia to her for an hour at night! It was like living the whole Potter thing again! It was like being my own self again!

Thank you, friends, for ‘living’ Harry Potter with me! It is revitalizing and most importantly, the most amazing experience! Hope we watch the entire series together! Happy watching!

Six days to go!

Yes, six days to go. Away from home, family and friends. Away from my hometown to a distant land; in order to make a new beginning. Last week I met a friend who said she was preparing a farewell gift for me. (Please make it soon as I can’t wait!!!!!!). Day before yesterday, I met some of my best friends and I was overwhelmed. There’s no better feeling in the world than to have someone who’d miss you when you’re not there. Be it a cake, a chocolate, the world’s sweetest letter or some heart-warming words of farewell- everything made me feel very special, loved and blessed.

At some juncture, we all need to take some drastic steps. In the wizarding world, every witch or wizard has to go to school away from home at a tender age of eleven. They only return home at the time of their holidays. Harry, Hermione, Ron and everybody else went to school away from home; I’m no different and about to do the same.

To the ones who’d miss me, I’m blessed to have you. I’m going to miss you a lot as well. You have been a beautiful part of my life and you shall always be. We shall always be in touch. Thanks a lot for all the love. I love you all.

Take care and be happy always. :*


Me :*

Serious like Severus! Are you kidding?

He liked her even since their childhood. She was beautiful. They spent time together. He rescued her every time she was bullied by her sister. Some years later, they went to the same school. However, they were sorted into different houses. He never stopped liking her even then. She met another boy in her own house. They went along well. They fell in love with each other and grew up to get married. Meanwhile, he was heartbroken. He loved her as much as he did years ago. Some years later, she had a baby with her husband. He discovered that she, along with her husband and son were going to be killed. He approached the world’s greatest, most righteous and experienced person to protect her family. However, her fate was sealed. She was killed but her son escaped only with a scar. He rushed to her, hugged her corpse and cried. He never loved anybody else. Years later, he took up a job as a professor in the same school where they went. Her son joined school after a decade. He seemed to be quite a strict professor but he saved her son’s life on numerous occasions. He never let anyone harm her son. He protected him out of his love for her. He died seventeen years after she did. In his last moments, her son was with him. He told him that his eyes were just like his mother’s. He loved her till the end and always.

This is the story of Severus Snape and Lily Evans, from the amazing Harry Potter series penned by J. K. Rowling. We can’t really categorize it as a tragic love story; it is much beyond that. It is the story of staying when one has all the reasons to move on. It is the story of being loyal when one is not bound or expected to be. It is the story of loving beyond everything- beyond the fact that she would never reciprocate the feelings. It is about choosing between what is right and what is easy. (Prof. Dumbledore says that). He simply considered it right to stay loyal to his first love.

Comparing it in today’s context, we would tend to consider Severus insane and an emotional fool. Today is the age of moving on. People tend to remarry soon after the death of their spouse in order to overcome loneliness. People move on with another partner often to prove to their ex-partners that they can do without them. The present scenario is such that all relationships come with an expiry date.

Some people might argue that Severus is a fictional character. Reality is nowhere close to fiction. Okay, he is fictional. But the feelings that he had, they were real. Doesn’t each one of us tend to love somebody? Be in family, friends, a spouse or even a fictional character, for that matter? How many people do we see today who can love like he did? He had no reason, no motivation and absolutely no compulsion to go on loving her. Seventeen years after her death, he loved her as much as he did when he was a kid. Maybe more, owing to her absence, but nowhere less. Isn’t that a big lesson Professor Snape taught us, even more than his subjects ‘Potions’ and ‘Defence against the Dark Arts’?

I’d like to defend Lily Evans, though. She was nowhere at fault. She simply did not feel what Severus felt for her. She’d have been in fault only if she’d have given him any false assurances. She was always a friend to him. She loved James and thus married him. She nowhere cheated Severus. It was just that they were not meant to be.

Coming back, there’s a lot we can learn from Severus. In an age where affairs conclude with break-ups really soon, we ought to realize that love doesn’t diminish. Death, distance or rejection cannot be deterrents to true love. It is all about being loyal and loving without any reason why. We love our family, friends and life partners because we should. It shouldn’t have any backing of a cause- it is because it is. The power of love is strong enough to let one go on all alone. Loneliness can never kill anyone if he/she loved someone truly. It’s not about loving; it’s about loving truly. It’s about loving till the end without having any specific purpose. J. K. Rowling has impeccably conveyed this message throughout the story. So go out, tell your loved ones that you loved them, you do and you always will. Remember, if Severus could, we all can do it too. If you wish to love, love like he did. I admire Severus for his love and loyalty. Can we be like him? Think it over and tell me what you thought. I’m waiting.

Until the next post then. Keep calm and love like Severus! :*

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