The Magical Being

Imagine being huddled in a corner of a room, sad about everything that’s going around you. Those times when you’d give anything in the world to run away to a distant land where nobody knows you; you’d be perfectly fine to live alone than endure the torture you’re undergoing right now. Suddenly, your phone lights up- you’re getting a call. Your screen shows the picture of the one you love the most in the world and your heart does a somersault!

Although you might not be able to share exactly how you feel, how soothing does their voice sound! Even if you’re talking about the most random stuff, you hardly realize that you’re smiling and laughing now- well, weren’t you on the verge of crying minutes ago? It is strange how some people are so magical; they don’t have a magic wand but they can just set everything right. It is astonishing how it comes so naturally and effortlessly to them, merely by virtue of their being. They help you get up again after every fall. They keep you going.

And then you know that not all angels have wings and that there is indeed something called magic! They’ll always help you fight the Dementors. Expecto Patronum!


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The Happy Flower

Once upon a time, there was a garden full of flowers. Everyone seemed to be fond of one particular flower which stood out from the rest. It had its family and a few friends staying around. But not all that is good is liked by all. Few others were envious and troubled it every now and then. It had its own way of dealing with everything.

Our dear flower was jolly and cheerful. It worked very hard and did not like to waste time. But it was also very kind and caring. It loved its near and dear ones with all its heart. It was also sensitive and considerate towards the problems of others. It was always willing to listen and help them in every way it could. It was not an ordinary flower; it was special in several ways. It was beautiful for what it was, with its own virtues and imperfections.

But it also too had its limitations. After working so hard for itself as well as others, it often felt exhausted. It was always enthusiastic to think and try something new. However, it is a well-known fact that it is never easy to ride on a less travelled path. While some took undue advantage of its goodness, others simply did everything they could to plant obstacles in its path and let it down. But our flower was as strong as a fort and always fought back valiantly.

Due to these troublemakers, it could hardly sleep well. There were days it looked woebegone and its sadness was contagious. As soon as it became gloomy, the entire garden would follow suit. Every flower would begin to look withered and the weather would immediately become dull. When the flower would not smile, those who loved it too couldn’t be happy. It would ask them not to worry but they could not see it sad.

One not so fine day, our flower was tired and upset about something. Everyone tried but nobody could make it happy again. At night, when it was struggling to sleep, a butterfly dropped a letter next to its spectacles. It woke up and read it first thing in the morning.

“Dear friend,

I have met millions of flowers but none like you. I lead a busy life, flying from flower to flower to nourish myself. But I keep returning to you because you fill not only my stomach but also my heart. I see all types of flowers with their vanities, silly thoughts and attitudes. Believe me, you are different from everybody else. You are magical.

There are some odd days when the only smile I get to see is yours. You help me feel better about myself. I am sure you do that to so many others around you. I want you to know that it is okay not to be okay at times. You have as much right as us to be sad, angry, upset, tired or frustrated. But remember that you are fortunate to have so many who love you and will stand by you. They will do anything to see you smile again. It is for them that you must not stay disturbed for long and return to your usual cheerful self soon.

Work, challenges, new tasks, and deadlines will always be there. But you already know you are strong enough to handle it all. You’ve got to do what needs to be done, so why not smile and set it right?

Just in case you have forgotten, you have a beautiful smile. Don’t forget to wear it all the time!

Your friend with wings.”

That day, our flower realized how its happiness mattered to others. It became a happy flower that smiled no matter what.

You must be one too.

Happy flower
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Unconditional love

She missed him so much it hurt. For her, he was hope, love, happiness and courage. She did not know how they were related and she wanted it to be the same way. It hardly mattered because she loved him and that was enough.

No, they were not dating each other. He was an important part of his life. Maybe he was her best friend, father figure, confidant or all of these. She trusted him. She liked being around him; he was her only shade in a sunny land. He hadn’t been around for ten days and she waited for him to return desperately.

She would often go to meet him. They would laugh and joke. He would know when she felt low. He always asked her to express her feelings. He would always listen. There was something magnetic about his personality- everyone would be dazzled by his aura. But he was different. He would never give in to flattery. He had a knack to know people for what they were. He also knew how much she liked him. He had his own indirect ways of expressing his affection.

Over time, she felt she had developed a special connection with him. Coincidentally, they would bump into each other at some random place. Those were the moments she wouldn’t know how to react. Once he asked her why she looked so happy. She innocently told him that it was because she met him so unexpectedly. He would smile and go ahead on his way. She would then recount the tale to her diary. She wanted nothing from him. As far as he smiled to her and met her frequently, she was the most contented person on the planet.

His opinions and ideas mattered a lot to her. He had made her quite strong and confident. He advised her because he was concerned about her. She too tried to make him proud. He rarely asked her for help; but when he did, she would do anything to help him out. At the end of the day, they knew they were like best friends who can always count upon each other. They teased and taunted each other but could also be serious when it was required. They understood each other well. She couldn’t be at peace when he looked worried, troubled or tired. They cared a lot for one another.

His replies to her texts made her happy. All she wanted was to see his smile once a day. She would feel incomplete on the days they would not meet. She would stalk his Facebook profile or stare at his pictures, in the hope that she’d see him again soon. She was young, at the threshold of her lovely days of youth. She often wrote to him despite knowing that he would never reply. He had a complex persona. She was a waterfall overflowing with love; he was a tap giving only as much water as needed, sometimes less but quenching thirst like no other. She was the sky; he was the full moon that alone mattered on a dark night.

She loved him for what he was and what he did to her- he taught her to survive when she felt there was no sign of life. When she was with him, she knew she needed nobody else. Perhaps she was crazy to waste her time behind someone who was more or less the same to everyone dear to him. At the moment, she didn’t bother. She was happy and the memories she shared with him, infinite.

Smiles are magical :)

A smile is much more than a non-verbal greeting or expression of happiness. It conveys a lot more. Be it a grin, beam, smirk, simper or anything else, a smile speaks a thousand words.

Many people have a beautiful smile. But a smile makes everyone beautiful. It is amazing how simply expanding a few muscles could do wonders. As the saying goes, “A smile is a curve that makes things straight.”

When was the last time you smiled without reason? Nowadays, we tend to smile more in front of the screen of our smartphone than to people around us. Smiles can be a symbol of friendliness, courage, hope, encouragement, inspiration, admiration, happiness, awe and so many other feelings. A smile could mean different things to different people. More or less, a heartfelt smile is enough to brighten up someone’s day.

You many not believe me, so try this for yourself. Smile to every person you meet on your way- the ones you know and you don’t. It may be that strangers might be caught off-guard, but eventually they too will return you one. I talk out of personal experience. There are few people in my life whose smile means the world to me. All I wish for is a smile from them every day. When they smile, I feel so much warmth. I am convinced that nothing can go wrong, everything will be okay.

Smiles can indeed be magical. It could be the sunshine and ray of hope someone saw in particularly dark times. I am not referring to the fake smiles that we give while clicking those thousands of selfies. A genuine smile does not require effort; it just beams from your face and makes you feel lovely. Of course, the recipient too feels the same if not less!

Somebody’s smile makes my day. Consequently, I am elated and smile to someone else I meet. This lifts her/his spirits and it passes on. I had never imagined the wonders a cute little smile could do.

If you are reading this, I want to see you smile. Keep smiling and spreading happiness! Together we have to make this world a better place and let me tell you this- YOUR SMILE MATTERS!


Live, love and grow…

Life is not about surviving
it is about growing
It is not about capturing the most attractive view
rather it is about learning something new

It is more than the promotions and pay hikes one gains
it is the little things that matter
It is the joy of drenching in the rains
or a cup of coffee with a partner

It is finding time for the people one loves
it is introspecting and communicating with the self
It is being aware of what goes on around
it is not whiling away like a dusty book on a shelf

Yes, life is work
but only work is not life
Life is sharing cheers and smiles
it is about making it worthwhile

Years later, lost moments return as regret
but happy ones linger forever
They reinvigorate lost hopes and spirits
they help one feel stronger and better

Life is not a race to be won
it is a quest to find oneself
It is not drowning oneself in a sea of responsibilities
but learning to swim towards the shore of one’s dreams

It aims at success and wealth
but not at the cost of happiness and health
It is about kindness and companionship
Care, empathy, love and friendship

Don’t miss the moon while counting the stars
don’t miss the train you’ve always wanted to board
Be the flower that bloomed its best before dying
Be the bird that higher and higher soared

Embrace your passions, challenge your fears
be the one you want to be
Love yourself and explore the horizons
make it the show you’d love to see!

Without you

As I ascended the stairs
of the place we first met
It was like flying alone
in the world’s fastest jet

I was in my dream land
but without your hand to hold
It was like a plot without characters
yet a tale to be told

I sat on the chair I was seated on
the day you asked me out
The chair remained where it was
but you weren’t anywhere close about

I peeped into the class I first saw you
The benches were empty, you absent
The fantasy false, solitude true
you were past, not present

The place seemed so incomplete without you
a jigsaw puzzle with the central piece missing
Is it a dream to good to be true?
Being together where we were usually meeting?

I am never going there again
your absence haunts me
I am never going there again
this distance taunts me

What would I not do
to steal one last glance?
To say what you mean to me
to get one more chance

To spend another day
with love, smiles and care
To talk to you uninterrupted
without you having to go anywhere

To do crazy stuff together
to enjoy once more, together
To become kids again
never to bother again

It is good I’m not here on your big day
I’d be filled with grief that I couldn’t see you that day
Being away mitigates pain
offers an excuse not to be sad once again

I wish we could spend more time together
no gift can equal that
I wish we could share more smiles and happy tears
no moment is more special than that

I don’t miss the memories
I miss the one who gave me those
Growing up has its own miseries
it closes lovely doors

It gives work but takes away love
it gives money but takes away your honey
It gives powers but takes away happy hours
It gives rewards but takes away freedom

I wish we never grew up
I wish we stayed sixteen
I wish we could get back those years
which now only seem a dream




You are my candle
you show me light
You rid me of obscurity
tell me what is right

You burn for me
till your light seeps through me
You light up my world
and you help me see

You make me happy
you make me sing
You are the flame of hope
that incinerates every evil thing

You are the candle
that shall never be put out
Maybe God lit you for me
so that I don’t pass out

You are the blaze of hope and passion
the kindled aura of divinity
You are light, peace, joy and reason
you are love unto infinity

One week to go!

Have you ever tried to find a reason to be happy and failed to find any? Nonetheless, have you tried to be happy for someone else only to find they aren’t happy about it at all? What do you do in such a case?

I guess one could only wait for the reason to come, by itself. What other choice do we have? They say happiness is like a butterfly; one can never catch it if one chases it but it will slowly settle on one’s shoulder if one stopped chasing it. Probably it is the game happiness likes to play and we ought to give in to its way!

I believe my reason for being happy is hibernating at the moment; it’ll come to me in a week’s time. Exactly seven days from now, things shall be different and the ball shall be in my court. The sun will shine brighter and the breezes shall be more soothing. Life shall change, only for the better.

Till then, keep fighting, my dear self. It is the last week. Ten months have flown away. Only one week till I shout “Hello, happiness!” as we meet on the crossroads, awaiting a new journey far away in the hills, never to retreat.


Never lost

Yesterday, I read a blog post at . The author expresses his pain after losing his sister who was very dear to him. He labelled her ‘the best psychologist’; I’ll try to be one for him now, though I’m not pretty sure if I could replace her.

I’m sure she misses you too. Maybe, while you were writing that post yesterday, she was missing you badly. Honestly, she would hate to see you so sad. If your happiness lies in hers, don’t you think it would be vice versa as well?

Many things in life are beyond human control. She must have been in a mess; she would have had no option except going. She might have been helpless. Often, we are left with no choice but to surrender to destiny.

Don’t let her absence become your weakness; rather, make it your strength. Make her proud. She never wanted to see you defeated or dejected. She wanted you to rise above everything that lets you down. She won’t be happy at all if you are weak, and you want her to be happy, right? Remember the advices she gave you and follow them.

Smile. She wishes that God always blesses you, she prays for you everyday. You must accept the fact that things cannot be as they were and you must MOVE ON. That is what she wants; that is what God wants.

She misses you and she wants you to be happy more than anything else. Don’t let her down, will you? You can never be lost, because for her, you are and will always be a winner.

Be strong, be happy, be awesome. Make her the proudest sister.

Yes, I am sure she misses you too.

All the best! God will always bless you, dear!


Once, I had a dream. I saw a beautiful angel in front of me. “My dear child”, she said, “I’m here to tell you about something that everyone wants in life. It means different things to different people; but everyone wants it by hook or crook. It is happiness. It is the reason why we do or do not do something. It is magic, it is madness… It is a medicine to cure all pain and the master key to unlock life!”

Astounded, I inquired, “But what is happiness like?” “It is subjective as it differs from person to person. For me, it is talking to you; for you, it is the chocolate lying in the fridge! It could be anything- in the simplest thing such as helping someone cross the road. The best thing about it is that it multiplies the more you share it!”

“Wow!” I squealed. “But why should one be happy?” I shot my next arrow. “Because, dear child, it is a contagious ‘wellness’. I shall explain you the chain reaction. If you are happy, you exert positive vibes. You share them with someone else and make their day. They will in turn make more people happy. The chain goes on and on. On the contrary, if you’re sad, you make the ones around you sad and they follow suit. You indirectly are responsible for spoiling days of so many people you don’t even know!” “Oh yes! I never thought of it this way!” I pondered over my nonchalance.

“Then we must do everything that makes us happy!” I delightfully stated the lesson I just learnt. “Yes, but be cautious. Happiness is not enshrined in money or materials. It is okay to get nostalgic about happy times; but it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. Don’t imitate others. Do what YOU think shall make you happy. But you cannot be happy at the cost of anyone’s trouble. To be happy, make others happy.”

Her words were gradually sinking into my mind and heart. She continued, “Now that we have seen what happiness is, let’s see where to seek it. Many search for it in extravagance, in malls, parties or clubs. Some innocent ones entirely depend on others for their own happiness. This is where they falter. Happiness could be in the most unexpected places like in your home or maybe in a long lonely walk. It comes from hope and faith even in the most troubled times. It is not always in grandeur; it could be in all those little things, such as eating from a road-side stall!”

Moving away from a focus on its deep meaning, I curiously wondered, “But how can we be happy?” She laughed. “That’s the simplest thing to do! Listen to your heart. Live with no regrets. Find reasons to smile but don’t insanely chase happiness. Try liking things you cannot change.”

“Whoa! This sounds fascinatingly simple!” I was excited. “Have you heard of the Joy of Giving?” She paused.

“It is the happiness derived from selflessness. The joy of spreading smiles, helping someone when they need it the most, being there for others, providing them support and motivation to believe in themselves are small gestures that could greatly impact lives of the ones around you. And it is very important to acknowledge people irrespective of their status. For you, people are sweepers or cleaners; for God, everyone is human and equally beloved.”

Smiling, she carried on. “You too could be an angel for so many people around you. Keep spreading joy and happiness! Forget the fears, failures and pain. Move on. It takes a lot of courage to be happy! Be strong and do not forget to be happy!” Before I could thank her, she vanished in the blink of an eye; giving me lots of happiness that I’m now sharing with you. ❤

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