God bless you

I was weak and trembling. I was delirious. I didn’t know how long it would take me to reach home. I was conscious but not strong enough. My vision was hazy, I kept feeling dizzy. Nonetheless, something got into me.

I crept inside the temple. There was nobody else around. I sat down. “May he be successful”, I kept muttering for five minutes. Nothing else struck me then. I asked nothing for myself. His success mattered more than my recovery to me. May God bless him, was the only thought on my mind.

After what seemed ages, I left the holy place. I walked homewards. I was delirious as before; but I don’t know why I felt as light as a feather. I knew God would bless him now; that’s what really mattered to me. It’ll all be okay. Okay?


Dear God, how are you?

Yesterday was Mahavir Jayanti,  a Jain festival marking the birthday of their God. It was merely a coincidence that I happened to go to a temple yesterday. I don’t often go to temples as I am not much in favour of idol worship. But as far as I’m going with daddy, I wouldn’t even object going to the world’s most boring place.

Okay, so I stepped in and I saw that the idol was beautifully adorned with rose petals. It struck me at that moment that it was to commemorate God’s birthday. I’ll quote verbatim my monologue with God:

“Dear god, how are you? Happy birthday, BTW, in case it is your birthday for real. Are you very sad looking at the world today? Don’t be. It’s okay. I reckon it troubles you when you see humans behaving so inhumanely. You can tell me if you cry. I read somewhere that it’s okay to cry. Take care of yourself, okay? Unless you take care of yourself, the world cannot be taken care of either. All ask you to take care of their loved ones, to fulfill their wishes, etc. But all I am asking you is to be happy and take care of yourself, because only then the world can be happy.”

P.S. This was an extempore. (I’m too much into speaking, I guess.) 😛