On the verge of a precipice…

This post comes at a time when if I’m asked my biggest fear, like Augustus Waters in TFIOS, I’ll reply: Oblivion. Yes. Tomorrow, I shall leave this city of dreams, my hometown; for four months straight and head for a new beginning. Fortunately or unfortunately, I do not have an emotional range of a teaspoon like Ron Weasley. I’m overflowing with oodles of feelings so I’d better get going and share them with you lovely people out there.

I’m anxious. Will I be remembered by the ones who have been close to me till date? Will absence make hearts grow fonder or will distance ruin relationships? Will I be a part of some conversations regularly; like a happy memory? Will my absence matter to someone? Or will things be the other way round? Will I become a forgotten fairy tale and never be remembered? Will my absence make no difference to anyone? Will my return not be anticipated? Will I be missed genuinely or only at the times of need? Will it be difficult for someone to live without me or will it be as easy as any other day?

Honestly, a simple “I shall miss you” from anyone means the world to me at this time!!!!!!! However, there are hardly 2-3 souls who say and feel so. Maybe, I’m not a person worth remembering. I’ll be grateful to all those who prove me wrong and who will miss me despite my being of less value to the world. I promise to be the same as I was, talk to you all as usual; I shall never be gone if I reside in your heart. Please be happy and take care, people! I love you and thanks a lot for loving me back!

I’ve lost more friends than I ever made. It hurts when people strand you in a deserted street and walk off as if they never knew you. I need to be a thousand times more cautious before making friends. I’m on the verge of a precipice where I have no idea what shall happen next. One step forward and it’s either oblivion and isolation or feeling cared and loved in a far off place too. I have no clue what is in store. With loads of trepidation and excitement but also the sorrow of parting from loved ones, tomorrow I shall take a giant leap into the sky. I may fall or stumble but definitely there’s no quitting. The love and best wishes of my loved ones will take me through.

I might cry if I type any more. All the best, my lovely people. Keep in touch and love me as you do. I owe my courage to you. Thanks for being by my side.

Distance will never be able to ruin us. We shall ruin the distance.

Keep smiling and may God always bless you.

Lots of love. Remember,  I’m there for you, ALWAYS.

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Six days to go!

Yes, six days to go. Away from home, family and friends. Away from my hometown to a distant land; in order to make a new beginning. Last week I met a friend who said she was preparing a farewell gift for me. (Please make it soon as I can’t wait!!!!!!). Day before yesterday, I met some of my best friends and I was overwhelmed. There’s no better feeling in the world than to have someone who’d miss you when you’re not there. Be it a cake, a chocolate, the world’s sweetest letter or some heart-warming words of farewell- everything made me feel very special, loved and blessed.

At some juncture, we all need to take some drastic steps. In the wizarding world, every witch or wizard has to go to school away from home at a tender age of eleven. They only return home at the time of their holidays. Harry, Hermione, Ron and everybody else went to school away from home; I’m no different and about to do the same.

To the ones who’d miss me, I’m blessed to have you. I’m going to miss you a lot as well. You have been a beautiful part of my life and you shall always be. We shall always be in touch. Thanks a lot for all the love. I love you all.

Take care and be happy always. :*


Me :*