The young victim

This poem is dedicated to all of us- victims of a suffocating educational system with burdensome evaluation patterns. It is a matter of shame for any educational institution when the institutional torture it inflicts upon students is so severe that even the most hardworking and sincere ones cannot perform their level best.

I am the child carrying a bag bigger than herself
I am the student rushing from one tuition to the next
Or one who is just a month away from my degree
Bombarded with work he can’t finish in a century

I run, unaware of my destination
I collapse, gasping for breath
But I stand again to finish one more chapter
As my own will experiences a slow death

There are expectations from elders
Dreaded punishments from teachers
Ridicule from rivals
Contempt from competitors

I read but do not register a line
I write but the words don’t seem to be mine
I study but do not critically analyze
I think but produce no ideas

I now know what Marx meant by alienation
When nothing feels like your own
Neither your dreams, nor your goals
And work makes you feel overgrown

I don’t want to wake up to a new day
Because I will have to continue what I left before
At this young age, I want to disappear
Rather than read, interact and explore

My brain refuses to concentrate
As my heart isn’t into what I have to do
The bird wants to sleep undisturbed in its nest
So that tomorrow it can begin a journey anew

I don’t want to fulfil expectations anymore
I don’t want to match any standards
I want a free reign for my imagination
I want to explore different worlds

Frustration, depression, irritation
All gate-crash like uninvited guests in a party
The rebel within roars in indignation
To surpass every institutional limitation

Nothing can be learnt from too much work
It just becomes an imposed formality
Done in haste, whether good or waste
Life staggers between ‘dead’lines

I succumb to pressure
I lose my enthusiasm and motivation
“How much done?” displaces “How are you?”
My existence revolves around marks and submissions

Freedom and time are what I need
To think of new ideas, to try and try again
To learn from my mistakes
To knowledge  and wisdom so gain

When I see little kids play
Naughty, innocent and carefree they chirp..
They look so cheerful and happy
I wish I never grew up


The capital game

Please select your name and your assistant.

Player 1: “Aware. My assistant shall be Wisdom”.

Please select your name and your assistant.

Player 2: “Powerful, assisted by Wiliness”.

You can begin playing. Player 2 plays first.

Player 2: Establish City of Luxury. Build army of soldiers, amass treasury, organize relishing feast for one and all.

Done. Army ready, treasury amassed. Feast enjoyed by all.

Player 1: Send remaining food to neighbouring village without wasting any.

Done. Food well-distributed.

Player 2: Neighbouring village owes our mercy. Annex.

Done. Kingdom expanded.

Player 1: No. Abort operation.

Operation cannot be aborted. Undone.

Player 2: Haha. Employ all from neighbouring villages. Assign them tasks of serving us.

Done. Annexed population is now your servant.

Player 1: Establish trade union where each new member is a member.

Done. Union ready.

Player 2: Begin automobile manufacturing enterprise with assembly line production.

Done. Enterprise begins with 1,000 labourers.

Player 1: Impart skills and training to workers.


Player 2: My production is being delayed. Get them back to work immediately. Extra working hours as compensation.

Done. Each worker’s working hours extended by two hours.

Player 1: Extra wages to workers for over-time.

Not enough surplus profit. Undone.

Player 2: Sell produce in market at 20% higher rates.

Done. Surplus profits generated.

Player 1: Distribute a part of profit with workers.

Player 2: No! Reinvest to bring in advanced technology!

Done. Sorry, player 1. Player 2 is the owner of the factory.

Player 2: Haha. I skip this chance. Player 1 plays.


Player 1: Plant trees so as to curb pollution caused by factory.

Done. 5 trees planted.

Player 2: Cut trees for more wood for paper industry.

Done. 100 trees cut.

Player 1: Pollution increased. Get safety equipment for workers.

Not enough funds. Undone.

Worker needs leave for nursing ill wife. Asks for advance payment.

Player 2: Dismiss worker.

Player 1: NO!

Done. Sorry, player 1.

Player 1: All workers boycott work in support of dismissed friend.


Player 2: WHAT? STOP! NO!

Command not processed.

Player 2: Dismiss all!

Sorry, you are late. Workers quit a minute ago.

Player 1: Workers pool resources to begin own venture.


Player 2: You lost me my factory! Get them back!

You lost them the happiness of their life. Operation aborted. Player 1 wins.

Player 1: The daunting spirit of the oppressed wins. GAME OVER.

A new game begins.

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