A journey of passion

I do not exactly remember when I started writing. It was in std. 1 when i was barely six years old that my first ever poem got published in a children’s newspaper. From what I can recollect, I started writing poems first, followed by those short five sentence essays that were taught in school. Writing came naturally to me. English lectures were my favourite ones in school as well as college because those were the ones that honed my writing skills.

My journey as a writer never stopped. I always wrote- my diary, the children’s newspaper Navneet Newshouse that I subscribed to, the school magazine and everything else. It is something that I take utmost pleasure in. It is more than a hobby; a passion that makes me the happiest. It makes me feel liberated. I vent my thoughts, fears, insecurities, opinions and every other emotion that surges into me via my poems and articles. Sometimes, my writings are targeted towards those who hurt me or make me happy. Writing symbolises me and my being.

In standard eight, I took to blogging. I didn’t know what to write and how to go about. i just created a blog and wrote an essay or two. Five years later, a friend encouraged me to blog AGAIN. It was tough. I feared not getting enough followers. Nevertheless, my journey advanced a step ahead. I was not only a poetess and writer but also a blogger. I may not have many readers but blogging enlivened the happy me once again. I was happy and that is what matters.

I’m a step ahead now. I auditioned for the post of the editor of the inter-campus newspaper of my college. I wrote an essay that you can find at  https://aishwaryabhuta.wordpress.com/2014/09/02/on-keeping-a-secret/

Some days ago, I was informed that my essay was among the top six and that I’m selected as an editor. Also, I shall be running an advice column in the newspaper. Being an editor has a lot of responsibilities enshrined in it. We need to respect the views of the person whose article we are supposed to edit even if we don’t agree with him/her. We should not be biased while selecting and editing articles- rather, we must choose the articles with care. Language and vocabulary exercise their maximum power here because in a way, the editor beautifies and polishes someone else’s article. I’m excited for my journey as an editor and I know I’m surely going to learn a lot.

I need your best wishes, dear readers! You’ve been supporting me as a blogger, please support me as an editor as well. I shall try my best to work sincerely and give my best to this new enterprise. All the best to me! Hoping that the best is in store :*

Until Sunday, then.

Take care, my wonderful readers.