I Shall Not Be Silenced

To the men –
Cage me if you wish.
You can bind my hands and legs
But not my thoughts and ambitions
Remember that ideas are bulletproof.

To the society –
Condemn me if you wish.
You can insult and ostracise me
But you cannot close your eyes to the naked truth I show you.
Remember that our powerlessness is your only weapon.

To the fascists –
Kill me if you wish.
You can threaten to rape or destroy me
But my honour is not your slave.
Remember that the pen will always be mightier than your sword.

To the world –
Remember me if you wish.
But do not give in to the intolerant numbers
Who will throttle all those who question and oppose
Remember that dissent is the essence of democracy.

I shall continue to live till there are those
who stand up, speak up and are unafraid.
Your bullets can destroy my body
But cannot maim my spirit.

Rest in power, Gauri Lankesh!


Begin with your thoughts….

They say, we will empower our women
But where will it start then?
By reservations in the Parliament
or a Constitutional amendment?

By entitling them to equal wages
or providing them stages?
By protests and movements
or lucrative employment?

It will start when the woman believes
that she is equal to her husband and not inferior
It will start when at home respect she receives
more than that of being a domestic helper

It will start when her husband supports her
when her children encourage her
When her in-laws adore her
when her friends inspire her

It will start when her mind shall broaden
when she shall believe, it can happen
It shall happen when she takes decisions
when she is honoured for her precision

It shall happen when she can go to the temple without covering her head
It shall happen when she can go to the kitchen while she menstruates
It shall happen when she is allowed to earn her bread
It shall happen when she is accredited for what she creates

Let her fly, don’t clip her wings
she wasn’t born only to mend your things
Let her breathe
let her thoughts seethe

Let her relish
let her cherish
Let her flourish
without any anguish

Let her grow..
let her go..
Be her hope
be her hope..

Change your thoughts
to empower her
No law can do it
before our minds are clear!

Ban the mentality, not the documentary!

The documentary called ‘India’s daughter’ that exposes the 16/12/2012 Delhi rape case, directed by Leslee Udwin, produced by BBC and supposed to be aired at 9 p.m. on Women’s day has been banned by our honourable Home Minister. Commendable, sir!

The documentary is a holistic overview of all aspects of the case. It demonstrates the grief of her parents, the ruthlessness of the convicts, the opinions of the Defense lawyers, heads of NGOs, High Court lawyers as well as that of the families of the rapists. It has been banned on grounds of its criminally instigating nature. The underlying question is- Will banning it guarantee a safe and secure India for women?

After raping a helpless girl and hitting her with an iron rod so savagely that her intestines gush out, what right do those beasts have to live? This December, the juvenile shall be out of jail, ready to rape another girl, maybe on a train journey this time! Why delay capital punishment when they have all the evidences against them and when they have confessed their crimes already? Why give them a chance to defend themselves when they gave the girl no chance to save herself? Why should we be tolerant of such psychopaths committing heinous crimes? Why should they even be allowed to be a part of the society?

Two years and three months- the case seems to be going nowhere! Simply take their lives away! What right do they have to live after they ruined a girl’s future, devastated her parents and made every woman in the country insecure? Deferring their punishment is nothing but providing an incubation period for more potential rapists!  What good is it going to do to the world? How is it going to foster women’s safety?

The rapists have not even the slightest sign of remorse on their faces. They do not even feign it! One of those makes absurd statements such as the girl is more responsible than the boy for the rape, giving us capital punishments will do nothing but force rapists to kill girls after raping; we at least threw her on the road alive are evident of how inhuman those brutes were! There is no point keeping them alive! Kill the bastards, including the juvenile! Who gave him the brains of raping a six years older girl, when he himself was of the ‘tender’ age of seventeen and a half?

Dear Home Minister, change your sick mentality before changing the nation! Tumhare rehte achchhe din kabhi nahi aaenge! Let every Indian watch the documentary and be AWARE! Let women learn to be bold, aware, courageous and never submissive to any hungry male! Let the potential rapists learn a lesson that they have no right to touch a girl without her consent, barely to satisfy their irrepressible sexual desires! The entire country will rush on the streets and kill them if they even think of it! Let the judiciary understand that IT OUGHT TO HASTEN ITS MESSED UP LEGAL PROCEEDINGS to give every rape victim justice! Let the country understand what a kind of future we are shaping for our next generations! Let the world know how safe our country is!

There is life beyond votes, Minister. The country trusts you. Every woman trusts you. Banning the documentary does not ban the crime, it only boosts it. Show your manliness and accept that there are ones from your sex who are not human at all. Take away their right to live and don’t be a coward!

We are with you, Ms. Jyoti Singh. We salute you for the fight you fought till your last breath. You will be an inspiration for all of us. We will never let you down. We shall spread the light you wanted to, all across the world.

It is time our politicians unveil their masks and rid themselves of their hypocritical attitudes. We are not fools to vote for wimps who cannot come forward in favour of the women of our country!

Yes, we are women, and we are not afraid of men! We are together against these wild beasts. We are strong and together in this fight for our freedom from the threat of such criminals!