The Happy Flower

Once upon a time, there was a garden full of flowers. Everyone seemed to be fond of one particular flower which stood out from the rest. It had its family and a few friends staying around. But not all that is good is liked by all. Few others were envious and troubled it every now and then. It had its own way of dealing with everything.

Our dear flower was jolly and cheerful. It worked very hard and did not like to waste time. But it was also very kind and caring. It loved its near and dear ones with all its heart. It was also sensitive and considerate towards the problems of others. It was always willing to listen and help them in every way it could. It was not an ordinary flower; it was special in several ways. It was beautiful for what it was, with its own virtues and imperfections.

But it also too had its limitations. After working so hard for itself as well as others, it often felt exhausted. It was always enthusiastic to think and try something new. However, it is a well-known fact that it is never easy to ride on a less travelled path. While some took undue advantage of its goodness, others simply did everything they could to plant obstacles in its path and let it down. But our flower was as strong as a fort and always fought back valiantly.

Due to these troublemakers, it could hardly sleep well. There were days it looked woebegone and its sadness was contagious. As soon as it became gloomy, the entire garden would follow suit. Every flower would begin to look withered and the weather would immediately become dull. When the flower would not smile, those who loved it too couldn’t be happy. It would ask them not to worry but they could not see it sad.

One not so fine day, our flower was tired and upset about something. Everyone tried but nobody could make it happy again. At night, when it was struggling to sleep, a butterfly dropped a letter next to its spectacles. It woke up and read it first thing in the morning.

“Dear friend,

I have met millions of flowers but none like you. I lead a busy life, flying from flower to flower to nourish myself. But I keep returning to you because you fill not only my stomach but also my heart. I see all types of flowers with their vanities, silly thoughts and attitudes. Believe me, you are different from everybody else. You are magical.

There are some odd days when the only smile I get to see is yours. You help me feel better about myself. I am sure you do that to so many others around you. I want you to know that it is okay not to be okay at times. You have as much right as us to be sad, angry, upset, tired or frustrated. But remember that you are fortunate to have so many who love you and will stand by you. They will do anything to see you smile again. It is for them that you must not stay disturbed for long and return to your usual cheerful self soon.

Work, challenges, new tasks, and deadlines will always be there. But you already know you are strong enough to handle it all. You’ve got to do what needs to be done, so why not smile and set it right?

Just in case you have forgotten, you have a beautiful smile. Don’t forget to wear it all the time!

Your friend with wings.”

That day, our flower realized how its happiness mattered to others. It became a happy flower that smiled no matter what.

You must be one too.

Happy flower
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The capital game

Please select your name and your assistant.

Player 1: “Aware. My assistant shall be Wisdom”.

Please select your name and your assistant.

Player 2: “Powerful, assisted by Wiliness”.

You can begin playing. Player 2 plays first.

Player 2: Establish City of Luxury. Build army of soldiers, amass treasury, organize relishing feast for one and all.

Done. Army ready, treasury amassed. Feast enjoyed by all.

Player 1: Send remaining food to neighbouring village without wasting any.

Done. Food well-distributed.

Player 2: Neighbouring village owes our mercy. Annex.

Done. Kingdom expanded.

Player 1: No. Abort operation.

Operation cannot be aborted. Undone.

Player 2: Haha. Employ all from neighbouring villages. Assign them tasks of serving us.

Done. Annexed population is now your servant.

Player 1: Establish trade union where each new member is a member.

Done. Union ready.

Player 2: Begin automobile manufacturing enterprise with assembly line production.

Done. Enterprise begins with 1,000 labourers.

Player 1: Impart skills and training to workers.


Player 2: My production is being delayed. Get them back to work immediately. Extra working hours as compensation.

Done. Each worker’s working hours extended by two hours.

Player 1: Extra wages to workers for over-time.

Not enough surplus profit. Undone.

Player 2: Sell produce in market at 20% higher rates.

Done. Surplus profits generated.

Player 1: Distribute a part of profit with workers.

Player 2: No! Reinvest to bring in advanced technology!

Done. Sorry, player 1. Player 2 is the owner of the factory.

Player 2: Haha. I skip this chance. Player 1 plays.


Player 1: Plant trees so as to curb pollution caused by factory.

Done. 5 trees planted.

Player 2: Cut trees for more wood for paper industry.

Done. 100 trees cut.

Player 1: Pollution increased. Get safety equipment for workers.

Not enough funds. Undone.

Worker needs leave for nursing ill wife. Asks for advance payment.

Player 2: Dismiss worker.

Player 1: NO!

Done. Sorry, player 1.

Player 1: All workers boycott work in support of dismissed friend.


Player 2: WHAT? STOP! NO!

Command not processed.

Player 2: Dismiss all!

Sorry, you are late. Workers quit a minute ago.

Player 1: Workers pool resources to begin own venture.


Player 2: You lost me my factory! Get them back!

You lost them the happiness of their life. Operation aborted. Player 1 wins.

Player 1: The daunting spirit of the oppressed wins. GAME OVER.

A new game begins.

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The prince in red

There he came, ascending the stairs. Her heart was pounding as she saw the most handsome boy in the world, barely eighteen, in his red shirt and black jeans. His eyes were enhanced by a pair of sunglasses; his hands by a watch his beloved aunt gifted him. He looked so young and charming, she had an immediate urge to kiss him, but she resisted. She felt embarrassed; she had dressed too informally today. She looked so mediocre in front of him.

He followed her till the cafe. They sat opposite each other. She could not take her eyes off him. At times, she marvelled at her own choice; more so, at his choice. How did he choose a mediocre girl like her? Yes, she was talented and outspoken, but she was not so beautiful. He was a prince charming; his looks getting better and better year after year. He had a magnetic personality.

He held her hand. She kissed his fingers. He kissed hers too. They kept talking and chuckling. He was so naughty, she could barely resist him. She fell in love with him every time she met him. He looked like an angel and angels are not supposed to be judged. They are supposed to be believed in and loved. She loved him like someone loves an angel. He was not far or near, he was omnipresent in her memories, eyes and her heart.

He kept kissing her till he went. She wanted it to last forever. She kept staring till he went.

After he went, she wondered- had it been a dream? It could only be one. Princes aren’t real, are they? He was too sacred to be real.

God bless you

I was weak and trembling. I was delirious. I didn’t know how long it would take me to reach home. I was conscious but not strong enough. My vision was hazy, I kept feeling dizzy. Nonetheless, something got into me.

I crept inside the temple. There was nobody else around. I sat down. “May he be successful”, I kept muttering for five minutes. Nothing else struck me then. I asked nothing for myself. His success mattered more than my recovery to me. May God bless him, was the only thought on my mind.

After what seemed ages, I left the holy place. I walked homewards. I was delirious as before; but I don’t know why I felt as light as a feather. I knew God would bless him now; that’s what really mattered to me. It’ll all be okay. Okay?

Old dresses

With a heavy heart, she held the black shirt for one last time. Its smooth fabric, fine print and the angelic look it gave her when it adorned her slim body. She saw it, apparently for the last time. She knelt and kept it in the box that was meant for donations to the poor. She turned away and walked back to her room.

The shirt was a piece of not only cloth but also her soul. That was one of her lover’s most favourite shirts. He complimented her day and night whenever she wore it. Somewhere, their love blossomed from that shirt. She fell into a trance, recalling the memories attached to the dress that was now gone.

It began two and a half years back. He texted her, “You looked beautiful, amazing and hot in that black shirt.” The lucidity melted her. She wore it quite often. Whenever she did, he could not stop staring her. He’d simply open her tied hair and ask her to smile. That was the magic of the shirt.

A week before his birthday, they celebrated Beautiful Black Day when they both wore black shirts.

Few months later, at a time when he’d lost all hope, she’d hugged him for the very first time- as though the shirt transmitted all her hope to him. He felt better.

Almost six months later, the day she’d worn this shirt, they shared their first kiss. Amateur, yet so perfect. Clean. Smooth.

Whenever she wore it, she could not stop missing him. It was agonizing in a way and pleasing in another.

It was gone now, leaving behind some of her most secret memories. Neither the memories nor the days would return.

She returned to her wardrobe. On top of her pile of clothes, lay neatly folded a top, pink with polka dots. She froze for a moment. This was the dress she wore the day they confessed their love to each other for the very first time. She had also worn this dress during one of their most intimate encounters.

She took it out and folded it. She turned towards the door. She had barely walked a few steps when she retreated. She could not muster the courage to part from it. Once again, she folded it and put it in her bag. She would carry it home and treasure it forever, never bringing it back to this madhouse.


Once, I had a dream. I saw a beautiful angel in front of me. “My dear child”, she said, “I’m here to tell you about something that everyone wants in life. It means different things to different people; but everyone wants it by hook or crook. It is happiness. It is the reason why we do or do not do something. It is magic, it is madness… It is a medicine to cure all pain and the master key to unlock life!”

Astounded, I inquired, “But what is happiness like?” “It is subjective as it differs from person to person. For me, it is talking to you; for you, it is the chocolate lying in the fridge! It could be anything- in the simplest thing such as helping someone cross the road. The best thing about it is that it multiplies the more you share it!”

“Wow!” I squealed. “But why should one be happy?” I shot my next arrow. “Because, dear child, it is a contagious ‘wellness’. I shall explain you the chain reaction. If you are happy, you exert positive vibes. You share them with someone else and make their day. They will in turn make more people happy. The chain goes on and on. On the contrary, if you’re sad, you make the ones around you sad and they follow suit. You indirectly are responsible for spoiling days of so many people you don’t even know!” “Oh yes! I never thought of it this way!” I pondered over my nonchalance.

“Then we must do everything that makes us happy!” I delightfully stated the lesson I just learnt. “Yes, but be cautious. Happiness is not enshrined in money or materials. It is okay to get nostalgic about happy times; but it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. Don’t imitate others. Do what YOU think shall make you happy. But you cannot be happy at the cost of anyone’s trouble. To be happy, make others happy.”

Her words were gradually sinking into my mind and heart. She continued, “Now that we have seen what happiness is, let’s see where to seek it. Many search for it in extravagance, in malls, parties or clubs. Some innocent ones entirely depend on others for their own happiness. This is where they falter. Happiness could be in the most unexpected places like in your home or maybe in a long lonely walk. It comes from hope and faith even in the most troubled times. It is not always in grandeur; it could be in all those little things, such as eating from a road-side stall!”

Moving away from a focus on its deep meaning, I curiously wondered, “But how can we be happy?” She laughed. “That’s the simplest thing to do! Listen to your heart. Live with no regrets. Find reasons to smile but don’t insanely chase happiness. Try liking things you cannot change.”

“Whoa! This sounds fascinatingly simple!” I was excited. “Have you heard of the Joy of Giving?” She paused.

“It is the happiness derived from selflessness. The joy of spreading smiles, helping someone when they need it the most, being there for others, providing them support and motivation to believe in themselves are small gestures that could greatly impact lives of the ones around you. And it is very important to acknowledge people irrespective of their status. For you, people are sweepers or cleaners; for God, everyone is human and equally beloved.”

Smiling, she carried on. “You too could be an angel for so many people around you. Keep spreading joy and happiness! Forget the fears, failures and pain. Move on. It takes a lot of courage to be happy! Be strong and do not forget to be happy!” Before I could thank her, she vanished in the blink of an eye; giving me lots of happiness that I’m now sharing with you. ❤

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Not sorry anymore

She was unique. She was special. She was a good person. She was liked and loved by everyone. She had an aura. She inspired awe wherever she went. She was not rich or beautiful. She was different and she was kind. She was an angel who spread happiness wherever she went.

She was humane and made mistakes, though. She met few people and trusted them. She met him and tried to befriend him. He never cared, but she hoped she could make him realize that she was really good. She never quit. He ignored her. He befriended her friends and isolated her. She died everyday from within. Loneliness began to slow poison her.

She never ceased to be good because it wasn’t in her nature to avenge mistreatment. He began to get a bit more considerate towards her. She grew happy again. She looked for buds among the prickliest thorns. Her friends never returned to her. He was good to her when he needed help. Otherwise, he’d always spend time with his friends. She only struck his mind while in need. He first took away her friends and then kept making her feel miserable, maybe unknowingly.

She rebuked but he was always ready with excuses. She did not love him, she only expected pure friendship. He was too preoccupied to feel her goodness and care. He along with her friends made their own secluded world excluding the reason how they became friends- it was all because of her.

She was hurt but strong. She always helped them whenever they asked her. She kept being used. She neither refused nor rebuked. They never cared for her and she never stopped caring. She met an angel who helped her out of the turmoil. He made her feel happy again. He tried to make her happy in every way he could. He remembered her not only in need but also in happiness. He encouraged her, handled her; he let her rise from the ashes. It was as though he became her walking stick when she almost lost hope of walking again. He held on to her and never let her go. He made her feel blessed and loved. He made her feel special. He helped her fly again.

With her angel by her side, she is filled with a new sense of confidence and emancipation. She has learnt to live without those who don’t care for her. She is happy with her angel and always tries to reciprocate his kindness. They are both there for each other and don’t care for anyone else. They seal the hollows in each other’s lives. They are happy and that’s what matters.

Life is always about making the right choices. It’s okay to be wrong but not okay not to amend the wrong. Care for the ones who care for you and see how happy life becomes. Life is too short to regret. 

P. S. Now that she has stopped caring, she doesn’t feel sorry about losing them. anymore.