Independence woes

This is a poem penned by my friend, Aman Lodha. 15th August was India’s Independence day. He dedicates this sarcastic poetry to India’s corrupt MPs. It is a brilliant piece of work and I could not resist the urge to share it.

Thanks for murdering democracy
Thanks for the continuous hypocrisy
Thanks for washing out parliamentary sessions
Thanks for the political ‘lessons’
Thanks for the ‘morchas’ and slogans
Thanks for behaving in the Parliament like hooligans
Thanks for delaying implementation of the GST bill
Thanks for delaying the much needed economic uphill
Thanks for taking some fraudulent oaths!
Thanks for stagnating India’s growth.
Thanks for this time too, living up to our expectations
Thanks for stalling the work and displaying your straight-forward intentions.
What a perfect example for young students you set
Shouting, banging desks, everything seems perfect.
Opposition or ruling party, who is to blame?
Whatever it be, it’s a shame.
Thanks for giving us frustration, disappointment and sadness in abundance.
I wish you all politicians, a very happy Independence!