Secret love

No, you must not expect.
Inhale the beauty of his mind
while it rejuvenates your soul.
Fill yourself with the air of his love
and you shall be whole.

No, you must not demand.
Sip his intellectuality and perfection
while he showers you with his gifts of understanding and patience.
You shall be amazed with what you get without asking.

No, you must not complain.
Understand that your story is but a fairy tale
and it cannot be true except the love that you share.
He will give you all that he can-
his time, affection, support and care.

Yes, you must love.
Because it gives you joy, hope and strength.
Love him deeply, and rise in his love.
You were not meant to be together
but your souls were, nevertheless.




Let us drench in the rain
and let our sorrows dissolve
Let us shout in vain
and release the storm within

Let us revel in memories
and travel back in time
Let us write poetry
even it doesn’t rhyme

Let us close our eyes
and avoid what crosses our sight
Let us believe it never happened
it was a nightmare we saw last night

Let us numb the pain even if
it’ll be worse when we feel it
Let us disappear and return only when
there remains no need to heal it

भगवान, आप सुन रहे हैं?

मैंने कहा- भगवान, आप सुन रहे हैं?
सामने आफ़तों का पहाड़ है
कानों में गूँजती शेर की दहाड़ है
मिलता ना कोई जुगाड़ है
हुआ यह कैसा खिलवाड़ है?
भीषण  संकट है
मार्ग विकट है

भगवान बोले- हाँ, मैं सुन रहा हूँ
तू कदम तो आगे बढ़ा
पर्वत पिघल जाएगा
तू हिम्मत का कवच चढ़ा
शेर डरके भाग जाएगा
कोशिश तो कर, मैं हूँ तेरे साथ
बन जाएगी बात,  बस कर शुरुआत

मैंने कहा- भगवान, आप सुन रहे हैं?
मेरी नाव भटक गई है
मझधार में अटक गई है
मेरी कोई खता नहीं
साहिल का पता नहीं
हूँ मैं लाचार
कैसे होगी नैया पार?

भगवान बोले- हाँ, मैं सुन रहा हूँ
डूबते को तिनके का सहारा होता है
मांझी से दूर कब किनारा होता है?
तू पतवार चला, रफ़्तार बढ़ा
डर का परदा हटा
देख साहिल कितना करीब है
तेरे हाथों में ही तेरा नसीब है

मैंने कहा- भगवान, आप सुन रहे हैं?
नदी ऊफान पर है
नज़रें तूफान पर हैं
मेरा सब कुछ लूट गया
हर सपना टूट गया
अब हो गया सब ख़त्म
कैसे भरूं ये ज़ख़्म?

भगवान बोले- हाँ, मैं सुन रहा हूँ
बारिश का क्या है? रुक जाएगी
आँधी का क्या है? वापस मुड़ जाएगी
सबकुछ खोया है तूने, पर तज़ुर्बा पाया है
हर शिकस्त ने तुझे नया सबक़ सिखाया है
टूटे सपने को जोड़, उम्मीद कभी ना छोड़
राह में आनेवाली हर दीवार को तोड़

मैंने कहा- भगवान, आप सुन रहे हैं?
मुझमें है ताक़त,जुनून और जज़्बा
कर दिखाना है कुछ इस मर्तबा
आसान होगी हर मुश्किल, नामुमकिन होगा मुमकिन
आपने बनाया है हर किसीको  काबिल
आख़िर कब तक रहेंगे बुझदिल?
बिना लड़े किसको होती है जीत हासिल?

Without you

As I ascended the stairs
of the place we first met
It was like flying alone
in the world’s fastest jet

I was in my dream land
but without your hand to hold
It was like a plot without characters
yet a tale to be told

I sat on the chair I was seated on
the day you asked me out
The chair remained where it was
but you weren’t anywhere close about

I peeped into the class I first saw you
The benches were empty, you absent
The fantasy false, solitude true
you were past, not present

The place seemed so incomplete without you
a jigsaw puzzle with the central piece missing
Is it a dream to good to be true?
Being together where we were usually meeting?

I am never going there again
your absence haunts me
I am never going there again
this distance taunts me

What would I not do
to steal one last glance?
To say what you mean to me
to get one more chance

To spend another day
with love, smiles and care
To talk to you uninterrupted
without you having to go anywhere

To do crazy stuff together
to enjoy once more, together
To become kids again
never to bother again

It is good I’m not here on your big day
I’d be filled with grief that I couldn’t see you that day
Being away mitigates pain
offers an excuse not to be sad once again

I wish we could spend more time together
no gift can equal that
I wish we could share more smiles and happy tears
no moment is more special than that

I don’t miss the memories
I miss the one who gave me those
Growing up has its own miseries
it closes lovely doors

It gives work but takes away love
it gives money but takes away your honey
It gives powers but takes away happy hours
It gives rewards but takes away freedom

I wish we never grew up
I wish we stayed sixteen
I wish we could get back those years
which now only seem a dream


Have you lived today?

We wake up to the bellowing alarm,
Frantically scrolling the screen of our dumb phone.
Its radiations having done all the harm,
A sick future is all we own.

We sprint for the train,
to encounter the Hitler boss.
But we’re always late like the rain,
So we’re in search of Santa Claus.

We are not working, we are whiling time;
Watchful of the distant via networking.
We don’t care for the neighbour,
We are too busy multitasking.

We are not clicking memories while having fun,
Having fun is now clicking memories.
Ten minutes and a hundred selfies done,
No words uttered, except “Cheeze”!

We are busy stalking people,
Our lives wasted in adding and blocking people.
A thousand virtual friends, yet lonely,
We add another one, boldly.

We eat while our fingers dance on the keyboard,
We text when we are and are not bored.
We want a new status- for society and our profiles,
so that we have followers from away miles.

We don’t take stands, we ‘like’ statuses,
To avoid oblivion during hiatuses.
We don’t talk, we only communicate,
Because smileys can both aggrieve and celebrate.

We want upgraded devices and recent apps,
Even if they divide us and widen gaps.
We judge people by their possessions,
We can’t rise above petty obsessions.

Slaves of machines, slaves of things;
Oblivious of the joys that nature brings.
Closer to strangers, away from ourselves,
Like unread books dusting on shelves.

Have you spoken to yourself lately?
Have you thanked God greatly?
Have you got your goals set?
Have you rediscovered your talents yet?

Have you dined with your beloved lately?
Have you narrated funny incidents animatedly?
Have you discarded what you can do without?
Have you laughed your heart out?

If not, it’s not too late!
Grab the opportunity at any rate.
Don’t wait to apologize or express gratitude,
Love takes us to the highest altitude.

Know yourself better today,
love yourself each day.
Live in the present; life is a present,
Together let’s begin our ascent!

Independence woes

This is a poem penned by my friend, Aman Lodha. 15th August was India’s Independence day. He dedicates this sarcastic poetry to India’s corrupt MPs. It is a brilliant piece of work and I could not resist the urge to share it.

Thanks for murdering democracy
Thanks for the continuous hypocrisy
Thanks for washing out parliamentary sessions
Thanks for the political ‘lessons’
Thanks for the ‘morchas’ and slogans
Thanks for behaving in the Parliament like hooligans
Thanks for delaying implementation of the GST bill
Thanks for delaying the much needed economic uphill
Thanks for taking some fraudulent oaths!
Thanks for stagnating India’s growth.
Thanks for this time too, living up to our expectations
Thanks for stalling the work and displaying your straight-forward intentions.
What a perfect example for young students you set
Shouting, banging desks, everything seems perfect.
Opposition or ruling party, who is to blame?
Whatever it be, it’s a shame.
Thanks for giving us frustration, disappointment and sadness in abundance.
I wish you all politicians, a very happy Independence!

Reminiscence, Day 3: Your success story

Impractical expectations
Timely limitations
Herculean assignments
Numerous commitments

You are running
Races never ending
Problems everyday emerging
Your spirit undying

You have no time
Disturbing you is crime
Now life isn’t sublime
Lyrics just don’t rhyme

Please do accept my apology
Won’t add to the misery
You’re doing something so worthy
I can’t ruin it so ghastly

My dear baby, do not worry
Much easier life shall now be
Together we’ll take you to victory
Together we’ll script your success story

We shall use all our mighty powers
And later on win it like stars
I am there in the worst hours
Together we shall deem success as ours!

Reminiscence, day 2: Hopes

I wonder how could life change in so many ways,
from the best, it relegated to a tragic phase!
Things are getting worse, in order to make me stronger,
but I just can’t take it any longer!

I’m smiling, laughing,
but on the inside, I’m dying!
I want to scream, yell, shout,
I want to cry my heart out!

What’s stopping me from getting what I want?
the fear of losing it all does haunt!
There’s utter darkness even when the lamps are lit,
the easiest way out is to say that’s it, i quit!

Giving up is so easy,
but it shall only add to the misery!
I see my destination, but don’t know which way to take,
every step i take gets converted into a mistake!

I’m sure I’ll conquer the peak one day,
if my fear and hesitation go away!
A ray of hope is still alive in me,
things shall get okay and be as they ought to be!

All that’s gone has gone,
I’m just learning to MOVE ON!
A new beginning, forgetting the past that flew,
dear destination, I’m coming to meet you!!!

Reminiscence- Day 1

For those whose passion is writing and those who have been writing since childhood, it is a challenge compiling all their masterpieces together in one place. First we start writing in a book; then some of us make a diary. We, the techno-savvy writers, often start publishing them in papers, magazines or even online. Once I started blogging, my blog has become the storehouse of all my creations. Before that, I often posted my creations on Facebook.

A friend of friend read one of my old poems yesterday and complimented me. I am grateful to you, Akshata, because you indirectly gave me this amazing idea of keeping all my creations together! I had posted three poems to Facebook, I’ll re-post them here in reminiscence- not only to have them here on my blog but also as a mark of gratitude to her for appreciating them in spite of not knowing me in person.

Time for change

Yes, I made a mistake
a mistake that ruined my life!
From being happy, peaceful n pleasant,
it became a life of sorrow and strife!

I was running behind a mirage
in a desert, plain and barren.
I expected the heat of love and warmth
in the coldest land, devoid of affection!

After some time I realized,
I was expecting something out of nothing!
A grave mistake that cost me dearly,
how could I do such a thing?

But now I’ve finally woken up,
from this deep sleep and slumber!
I’ve rubbed my eyes, now i see
no illusions, everything clean and clear!

I regret and lament seeing a dream
too good to be true any day!
It was like running behind my own shadow
which i cannot catch anyway!

Yes, the guilt kills me
but now its time to amend the wrong!
It’s time to rise again, in style
and get up steady and strong!

Time for change, time for action,
a resolve not to repeat the error!
To take lessons from this chapter
and turn out wiser for the better!

No more tensions and problems in life,
no more being lured by enchanting charms….
Now that my vision has become clearer,
I see happiness welcoming me with open arms!!

time for change

‘Fishy’ world

There was a fish
surrounded by a sea of calamities
She was beautiful but different
with less friendships and more enmities

The sea was her new home
she could not leave and go
Her parents sent her with a heavy heart
she could not now say no

She existed but did not live
she carried on her chores
She thought she would survive
but the chamber had too many locked doors

When she revolted, the sea-chiefs shut her mouth
they threatened to dissect her fins
One chief tried persuading her
by luring her with pleasant things

She wanted to escape
but there was time
Her gills felt suffocated
she was punished for no crime

She lives and dies each day
inching closer to freedom
Waiting to return home
and feel what it is to be pain- ridden

She fights like a Siamese fighter fish
eats up her pain like a molly and guppy eat their baby
Learns from the past like a Trigger fish
strives to live as a happy fish

She is a fish but she is like you and me
as much a fighter as humans could be
She fights to live and lives to grow
May God bless her in her days of low

Little and small but pain makes one tall..
Little and small
but pain makes one tall…