Writing ‘changed’ my life!

Apologies for the long, long break. I’m back with a post! 😀

Well, I appeared for an exam this month. It was conducted in two parts-  MCQ as well as essay writing. I got the results a few days back. The score in the MCQ part was dismal. (I strongly suspect there’s some error but I can’t really get it verified; so, never mind). Well, the best part is that I got selected in spite of that score! And how did that happen?

It all happened because I scored exceptionally well in the essay writing part! Owing to those marks, I notched up a respectable score and scored quite higher than the cut-off for qualifying. Writing got me till there! Now that I have been selected, I shall go there and my life shall change altogether! Two essays helped me change my life!

I know that I am no great writer. I write because I enjoy it. All that I know is when i write, I pour my heart; I write with utmost dedication and sincerity. Now I know one thing for sure- I shall never stop writing. I owe my future to writing. My life would have been very different had I not been a writer since a very early age.

Cheers to all my fellow writers and to all those lovely friends of mine, who have always encouraged and applauded my writing skills. Thank you to my lovely English teacher who made me fall in love with English and ultimately writing. Her compliments make me blush like no one else’s. Thank you all my lovely folks! I love you all. :*


Hobbies can’t be held!

Hello everyone! I used to be an off and on blogger. I had an entire blog before which I deleted for some reason. Now I am back to this world of blogging, with a vow of not quitting, no matter what. I hope it won’t go entirely unnoticed this time. I want to improve my writing skills.

The main reason I came back is that I realized that I so badly need to write everything. I am constantly contemplating and I find it imperative to vent my thoughts. Writing is more than a passion for me and I cannot control the urge to write. Everything should be processed and expressed via various media. Thoughts need to be steered in the right direction, but it is even more important to express them well. My friend Ravenclawsam had earlier urged me to start blogging at WordPress. Finally, I have grabbed the opportunity and I shall blog here now. I hope it shall be a good experience that motivates me to write even more and even better. Hoping for the best. Happy hobbying, i.e. blogging! 😀 🙂