Yes, it’s her birthday!


That is my phone’s wallpaper today. No points for guessing whose birthday it is! The most brilliant witch of her age, someone I look up to and can completely relate to, someone with whom I share a striking resemblance, my favourite female character- Hermione Jean Granger! Happy birthday, Hermione!!!! I don’t know how long this birthday post is going to be, so those who are (unfortunately) not acquainted with her, at least steal a glance at her pictures!

Hermione is beautiful in her own ways. I’ll begin with how I resemble her. I too have brown and wavy, if not bushy hair. I too was outspoken while at school. I spend most of my time at the library. I am not a sports fanatic but I would always support my friends who played. I tend to correct people’s pronunciations like…

LeviosaI am an avid reader and the only child of my supportive parents. I have been my teachers’ favourite for many years. I have a constricted friend circle like she did. Most of the times, I’m practical and logical but I cry if I feel like.


Thank you, Hermione, for helping me love myself. You made me believe that books are indeed our best friends and that reading could save one’s life. It does not matter what others think of us, what matters is what we think of ourselves. You taught me to be empathetic towards stigmatized groups, you taught me to be bold enough to express what I feel. You too made mistakes, you burdened yourself with too much work, but you learnt from them. You smacked Malfoy when it was needed and rescued lives with the Time-Turner. You taught me not to be selfish and to love people for what they are. You were always there for everyone, be it Harry, Ginny or Ron.

You went on with S.P.E.W. even when your best friends did not support you wholeheartedly. You remained friends with Viktor Krum even when you knew he felt something more than that. You were brave when Skeeter cow published crap about you. You have this amazing ability to understand people even when they don’t their voice their sentiments. You could understand Cho’s mixed feelings, Harry’s infatuation for Ginny which even he was not sure of and you could easily make out if Ginny had a fight with Dean merely by glancing at her face.

You are brilliant but never too proud of it. You made your sacrifices. You stayed with Harry even when Ron chose to quit. You erased your parents’ memories when you knew you might never see them again. You broke rules with Harry and Ron for a good cause. As Ron remarks, they wouldn’t last two minutes without you.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for increasing my self-esteem. You made me believe that being a bookworm is nothing to be ashamed of. It is okay to do what you like doing. Honestly, I wanted you to marry Harry. Both of you would make an amazing couple. He too was always there for you. He realized your importance in his life and you are a very special part of his life. You were his biggest moral support at Hogwarts. Harry owes you a lot and he always tried to return you favours. He was there with you when Won-Won was being nagged by Lav-Lav. He sort of understood you in a way nobody else did. He’d be the perfect husband for you. No offence, Ron!

But now that you’re married to Ron and have such a lovely family with Rose and Hugo, I am really happy for you. I pray you always have a happy married life and that Ron does drive well now (given that he confunded the fellow who took his Muggle driving test). Best wishes for your life ahead. Have a great year ahead.

Lastly, I totally agree with Ron when he says that:

wonderful person

One reason why I love my fandom is that it will never desert me for somebody else and that it will always love me back. Nothing kills as much as not getting back the love you give. Beyond a point, it becomes intolerable. Long live Harry Potter! Thank you JKR for giving millions of us the inspiration to fight everyday!


If Not Me, Then Who?

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It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I love Harry Potter. I grew up reading the books and spent my teen years anticipating each movie. Hermione Granger was one of the first characters that I was able to connect with. She was smart, brave and determined. A female role that was not common in the other book series that I had been reading.

As I grew older, my admiration for Hermione only grew. The fact that Emma Watson played her in the movies made the character even more appealing. Emma is classy, graceful and an amazing actress. It wasn’t long before I started following her as an actress and soon I had seen everything else she was in. Amongst the Lindsay’s and Paris Hilton’s of the world, Emma’s good girl attitude was something that never wavered.

I have always believed that women and men are equal. I…

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