Why so severe with Severus?

Yesterday I read how the phenomenal JKR expounded upon why Harry named his second son after Snape. It was the most appropriate explanation. However, you could see few irated fans retaliate here.

I don’t quite understand why people hate Snape after knowing who he really was. He was an unsung hero and indeed the bravest of all. Who could dare to keep double-crossing such a consummate Legilimens as Voldemort? Nearly everyone in the wizarding world, including his own followers (the Death Eaters) feared him. Snape risked his life in every way by playing double agent. Had it not been for him, the Order of the Phoenix would have finished once Dumbledore died.

It was Snape who made things easy for the Order by leaking information about Voldemort’s plans. It was he who was always there to save the day. Never did he let Harry be harmed; he was a martyr just like Remus, Tonks, Fred, Lavender, Colin,  and every other person who lost her/his life in the war.

He was loyal to his love until his last breath. It was out of this loyalty that he gave his own life to protect her son. He was always there whenever the trio was in trouble; be it when they were alone in the Shrieking Shack with Sirius and Lupin or when Quirrel was trying to jinx Harry’s broom.

One of the prime reasons why fans hate him is the hostility he showed towards the trio. Aren’t we the same? Don’t we continue to be prejudiced and bigoted towards the ones who are close to the ones we hate? Would we try socializing with the best friend of our worst adversary? It is human nature to be bitter to all those who are connected with the ones we hate.

Besides, we all love the Marauders but we cannot deny that somewhere they had been unkind to Snape. Harry too agreed that it was wrong. Probably if they weren’t so rude to Snape, he would not have taken to the Dark Arts. He would not have lost Lily. It was the continuous humiliation he underwent that might have fostered within him a thirst to prove himself and he  unconsciously chose the evil path . History would have been very different if he had not been bullied. He could have been Harry’s father.

Harry constantly reminded him of James and one cannot completely blame him for being antagonistic towards Harry. I do not contend that Snape was right in everything he did. Rather, I argue that he was imperfect like all of us are. He had his flaws but he was a hero. The wizarding world did owe a lot to his heroism.

There is nothing wrong with Harry naming his son after him. He honoured Snape’s love for his mother, his dedication and loyalty to Dumbledore, his fearlessness, selflessness, sacrifices, valour and intelligence that were crucial in turning the game in favour of Harry.

JKR rightly described him as neither a saint nor a devil. Every character in the series had her/his good and evil side. Perhaps Snape is the most evolved character in the sense that we closely know him. We have seen the best and worst of him; we have seen the cause and effect of his every action. We have seen his selflessness and love, anger and hate, strength and weakness.

There is no point hating him, fellow Potterheads. If you hate him, you miss out on the very essence of Harry Potter- forgiveness, being unprejudiced, valuing bravery, loyalty, seeing the best in everyone and realizing that heroes could lie in the most unlikeliest of places. I was stupefied with the way JKR summed it up:

Snape deserves both admiration and disapprobation, like most of us.



Fandoms and friendships

Anybody who’s read my posts knows that I’m a Potterhead. This post is not about my fandom. It is about the relationships nurtured and nourished by fandoms.

I was introduced to this fandom by a very special friend and we continue to be friends even today, even when we’re not in the same classes anymore. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Harry Potter brought us closer. There is so much to share and discuss about our fandom that we always get topics to discuss over. One relationship gave me Harry Potter; Harry Potter gave me many more relationships.

My best friend and I had an HP themed birthday. We exchanged gifts we prepared ourselves; each one of them having a Harry Potter significance. Right from diaries to fan fiction, we truly made each other’s birthdays Potterific!

The most interesting story is perhaps of a friend of mine I’ve never met. I introduced her to the Harry Potter universe (I’m so glad I did) and yesterday, she sent me beautiful Harry Potter themed gifts! We share a common problem of being considered stupid by Muggles, because we believe too much in a fictional world (a problem every Potterhead has to encounter). But we don’t care, because she quotes the amazing Luna: “You’re just as sane as I am.” I’ve prepared HP gifts for her too and can’t wait for her birthday.

The point is that Harry Potter has changed lives for the better. It has taught us unforgettable lessons, it has inspired generations of witches and wizards like us, it has given us a fandom to revel in and given us friendships from these fandoms. Imagine being friends with someone miles away, only because you share a common fandom! Passion knows no boundaries, after all.

To all the fanboys and fangirls out there, love your fandom and it’ll always love you back! As the Nerdfighters always say, “DFTBA!” (Do not forget to be awesome!)


Yes, it’s her birthday!


That is my phone’s wallpaper today. No points for guessing whose birthday it is! The most brilliant witch of her age, someone I look up to and can completely relate to, someone with whom I share a striking resemblance, my favourite female character- Hermione Jean Granger! Happy birthday, Hermione!!!! I don’t know how long this birthday post is going to be, so those who are (unfortunately) not acquainted with her, at least steal a glance at her pictures!

Hermione is beautiful in her own ways. I’ll begin with how I resemble her. I too have brown and wavy, if not bushy hair. I too was outspoken while at school. I spend most of my time at the library. I am not a sports fanatic but I would always support my friends who played. I tend to correct people’s pronunciations like…

LeviosaI am an avid reader and the only child of my supportive parents. I have been my teachers’ favourite for many years. I have a constricted friend circle like she did. Most of the times, I’m practical and logical but I cry if I feel like.


Thank you, Hermione, for helping me love myself. You made me believe that books are indeed our best friends and that reading could save one’s life. It does not matter what others think of us, what matters is what we think of ourselves. You taught me to be empathetic towards stigmatized groups, you taught me to be bold enough to express what I feel. You too made mistakes, you burdened yourself with too much work, but you learnt from them. You smacked Malfoy when it was needed and rescued lives with the Time-Turner. You taught me not to be selfish and to love people for what they are. You were always there for everyone, be it Harry, Ginny or Ron.

You went on with S.P.E.W. even when your best friends did not support you wholeheartedly. You remained friends with Viktor Krum even when you knew he felt something more than that. You were brave when Skeeter cow published crap about you. You have this amazing ability to understand people even when they don’t their voice their sentiments. You could understand Cho’s mixed feelings, Harry’s infatuation for Ginny which even he was not sure of and you could easily make out if Ginny had a fight with Dean merely by glancing at her face.

You are brilliant but never too proud of it. You made your sacrifices. You stayed with Harry even when Ron chose to quit. You erased your parents’ memories when you knew you might never see them again. You broke rules with Harry and Ron for a good cause. As Ron remarks, they wouldn’t last two minutes without you.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for increasing my self-esteem. You made me believe that being a bookworm is nothing to be ashamed of. It is okay to do what you like doing. Honestly, I wanted you to marry Harry. Both of you would make an amazing couple. He too was always there for you. He realized your importance in his life and you are a very special part of his life. You were his biggest moral support at Hogwarts. Harry owes you a lot and he always tried to return you favours. He was there with you when Won-Won was being nagged by Lav-Lav. He sort of understood you in a way nobody else did. He’d be the perfect husband for you. No offence, Ron!

But now that you’re married to Ron and have such a lovely family with Rose and Hugo, I am really happy for you. I pray you always have a happy married life and that Ron does drive well now (given that he confunded the fellow who took his Muggle driving test). Best wishes for your life ahead. Have a great year ahead.

Lastly, I totally agree with Ron when he says that:

wonderful person

One reason why I love my fandom is that it will never desert me for somebody else and that it will always love me back. Nothing kills as much as not getting back the love you give. Beyond a point, it becomes intolerable. Long live Harry Potter! Thank you JKR for giving millions of us the inspiration to fight everyday!

A heartfelt dedication to the Harry Potter series

A brilliant Harry Potter post! I thought of thanking Harry Potter on the occasion of Teachers’ day, but this post beautifully sums it up! I perfectly resonate with your feelings!

Musings of a Reader

Growing up, the Harry Potter books was a very integral part of my life. In fact, they are one of the few series that I have read countless number of times and each time I have come out learning something new and inspiring. This post today is my tribute to the characters of this amazing series who have inspired a entire generation of young readers.A word of appreciation for J.K. Rowling: I am in awe of your writing power and I am glad that I was part of that generation that grew up with Harry Potter. Thank you for an experience of a lifetime.So here goes, a special tribute to the entire book and the amazing characters who made our journey so memorable.

1625534_593898730715204_6560358552671093286_nHatred rose in Harry such as he had never known before. He flung himself out from behind the fountain and bellowed “Crucio!” Bellatrix screamed. The…

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Happy birthday, Harry Potter!

Happy birthday, JKR! Happy birthday, Harry! Happy blogiversary, RavenclawSam !

Well, it is a special day for Potterheads all over the world! I must confess, I’ve not had a very good beginning. At the place where I live, nobody knows about it. Today, it doomed on me that I’m living in a Muggle world! Last year, I at least had a far-away someone to celebrate this day with. This year, we are not celebrating. One, I don’t think I can ask him to; second, he has other things to worry about. So it is me all alone, celebrating the big day by dressing my best (which obviously nobody here noticed). It is my blog, hence I want to be honest enough with all of you.

I feel blessed that I at least have a family who understands this day. It was so pleasant to hear my parents call me the first thing in the morning and say, “Happy birthday, Harry Potter”! What’s more, mom’s going to prepare a dessert today too, owing to my request! I hope God gives everyone in the world a family that understands your happiness and does not try to suppress it. Thank you, my dear parents! I know I am not alone in the celebrations. I have my family and most importantly, I have all you Potterheads out there!

Thank you, Harry Potter, for being my inspiration and helping me survive each battle! You have changed my life; you have made me stronger. You have given me the strength nobody else could give me. You made me muster the courage to go on. You helped me smile, be happy and laugh. You are an inseparable part of me now. You made me a different person. You are the twinkle of my eyes, the conviction of my ideas and the voice of my battle!

Thank you, J. K. Rowling, for giving us books that taught us more than any person or institution. Thank you for all the moments we laughed and cried with Harry and all the characters. Thank you for all the lessons we would never forget for a lifetime. Thank you for helping us reach out to others and convey the simple truths of life. Thank you for giving us something worth reading, re-reading and remembering!

Happy birthday, once again!

Potter F(or)ever

Okay, so this Saturday, I watched Harry Potter with my best friend. Before that, I’d watched it with my special friend. It is so much fun watching it with someone who is still unknown to this Potter world!

Watching it with my best friend actually invigorated me. I had lots to do and I was tired- the movie actually worked like a tonic! The best part was narrating Potter trivia to her for an hour at night! It was like living the whole Potter thing again! It was like being my own self again!

Thank you, friends, for ‘living’ Harry Potter with me! It is revitalizing and most importantly, the most amazing experience! Hope we watch the entire series together! Happy watching!

The Battle of Hogwarts

May 2nd, 2015 marked the 17th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. It’s been seventeen years since peace and calm were restored in the wizarding world. Seventeen years since witches and wizards ceased to live with fear and began living life with dignity. Seventeen years since no Dark Lord has been luring innocent but gullible witches and wizards to do his bidding. Seventeen years since Hogwarts has been a peaceful school as it must be. Seventeen years since Harry’s scar hurt. Seventeen years since the most devastating sorcerer of the wizarding world, Voldemort, died; once and for ever.

However, war always accompanies terrible losses. It’s been seventeen years since George Weasley lost his twin Fred; seventeen years since Teddy Lupin was orphaned; seventeen years since Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Severus Snape and so many others died fighting a losing battle. The war claimed lives and changed many lives so that they could never be same again. It was devastation worse than any other seen in the wizarding world for ages.

The war left behind many questions unanswered. For instance, what if years later someone discovered the tale of the Elder Wand and disarmed Harry Potter, its last owner? S/he could own the wand and the wizarding world could have another Dark Lord with the world’s most powerful wand. What would happen then- another Battle of Hogwarts? Nobody knows.


The war taught us many lessons. Voldemort’s death illustrates how evil meets an end, sooner or later. Harry Potter’s courage inspires us to fight, no matter how strong the enemy. Ron and Hermione exemplify the qualities of an ideal friend. Molly Weasley exhibits the powers of an infuriated woman. Neville Longbottom displays the bravery of someone undermined all his life. Gryffindor house portrays the strength of unity. Hogwarts school personifies loyalty, determination, courage and standing for one’s principles.

To all those who martyred for a good cause, not only that day but ever since Voldemort began conquering the wizarding world, you have not died in vain. You gave your life for the cause of the welfare of the wizarding as well as Muggle communities. You have contributed to this war. You have helped Voldemort script his own death. You have played your part well in a great cause. May your souls rest in peace.


Serious like Severus! Are you kidding?

He liked her even since their childhood. She was beautiful. They spent time together. He rescued her every time she was bullied by her sister. Some years later, they went to the same school. However, they were sorted into different houses. He never stopped liking her even then. She met another boy in her own house. They went along well. They fell in love with each other and grew up to get married. Meanwhile, he was heartbroken. He loved her as much as he did years ago. Some years later, she had a baby with her husband. He discovered that she, along with her husband and son were going to be killed. He approached the world’s greatest, most righteous and experienced person to protect her family. However, her fate was sealed. She was killed but her son escaped only with a scar. He rushed to her, hugged her corpse and cried. He never loved anybody else. Years later, he took up a job as a professor in the same school where they went. Her son joined school after a decade. He seemed to be quite a strict professor but he saved her son’s life on numerous occasions. He never let anyone harm her son. He protected him out of his love for her. He died seventeen years after she did. In his last moments, her son was with him. He told him that his eyes were just like his mother’s. He loved her till the end and always.

This is the story of Severus Snape and Lily Evans, from the amazing Harry Potter series penned by J. K. Rowling. We can’t really categorize it as a tragic love story; it is much beyond that. It is the story of staying when one has all the reasons to move on. It is the story of being loyal when one is not bound or expected to be. It is the story of loving beyond everything- beyond the fact that she would never reciprocate the feelings. It is about choosing between what is right and what is easy. (Prof. Dumbledore says that). He simply considered it right to stay loyal to his first love.

Comparing it in today’s context, we would tend to consider Severus insane and an emotional fool. Today is the age of moving on. People tend to remarry soon after the death of their spouse in order to overcome loneliness. People move on with another partner often to prove to their ex-partners that they can do without them. The present scenario is such that all relationships come with an expiry date.

Some people might argue that Severus is a fictional character. Reality is nowhere close to fiction. Okay, he is fictional. But the feelings that he had, they were real. Doesn’t each one of us tend to love somebody? Be in family, friends, a spouse or even a fictional character, for that matter? How many people do we see today who can love like he did? He had no reason, no motivation and absolutely no compulsion to go on loving her. Seventeen years after her death, he loved her as much as he did when he was a kid. Maybe more, owing to her absence, but nowhere less. Isn’t that a big lesson Professor Snape taught us, even more than his subjects ‘Potions’ and ‘Defence against the Dark Arts’?

I’d like to defend Lily Evans, though. She was nowhere at fault. She simply did not feel what Severus felt for her. She’d have been in fault only if she’d have given him any false assurances. She was always a friend to him. She loved James and thus married him. She nowhere cheated Severus. It was just that they were not meant to be.

Coming back, there’s a lot we can learn from Severus. In an age where affairs conclude with break-ups really soon, we ought to realize that love doesn’t diminish. Death, distance or rejection cannot be deterrents to true love. It is all about being loyal and loving without any reason why. We love our family, friends and life partners because we should. It shouldn’t have any backing of a cause- it is because it is. The power of love is strong enough to let one go on all alone. Loneliness can never kill anyone if he/she loved someone truly. It’s not about loving; it’s about loving truly. It’s about loving till the end without having any specific purpose. J. K. Rowling has impeccably conveyed this message throughout the story. So go out, tell your loved ones that you loved them, you do and you always will. Remember, if Severus could, we all can do it too. If you wish to love, love like he did. I admire Severus for his love and loyalty. Can we be like him? Think it over and tell me what you thought. I’m waiting.

Until the next post then. Keep calm and love like Severus! :*

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