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An Appeal

More than a year ago, I decided to pursue a master’s course abroad. This goal became central to my life. I worked hard to clear my entrance. The results were as expected; I was selected at two universities.

My credentials were strong and I had expected I would be able to secure a scholarship as well. But I didn’t. I wrote to the universities time and again, requesting for financial assistance. For six months, I kept trying hard. One of the universities withdrew my admission because I failed to pay the pre-registration fee.

I have been admitted to London School of Economics and Political Science for a post-graduate course in Development Studies. The expenditure is close to GBP 35,000. I have secured financial aid worth GBP 5,000 from a non-profit in India. I have less than a month to arrange for rest of the money; only then I shall be able to attend college at LSE.

I don’t know what to do, but I am not going to stop trying. I have tried to use crowdfunding as a means to help myself. And dear readers from US and UK, you all can help me. Any donation, small or big can take me a step closer to taking up my further education at LSE. Please support my Mission LSE!

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‘Fishy’ world

There was a fish
surrounded by a sea of calamities
She was beautiful but different
with less friendships and more enmities

The sea was her new home
she could not leave and go
Her parents sent her with a heavy heart
she could not now say no

She existed but did not live
she carried on her chores
She thought she would survive
but the chamber had too many locked doors

When she revolted, the sea-chiefs shut her mouth
they threatened to dissect her fins
One chief tried persuading her
by luring her with pleasant things

She wanted to escape
but there was time
Her gills felt suffocated
she was punished for no crime

She lives and dies each day
inching closer to freedom
Waiting to return home
and feel what it is to be pain- ridden

She fights like a Siamese fighter fish
eats up her pain like a molly and guppy eat their baby
Learns from the past like a Trigger fish
strives to live as a happy fish

She is a fish but she is like you and me
as much a fighter as humans could be
She fights to live and lives to grow
May God bless her in her days of low

Little and small but pain makes one tall..
Little and small
but pain makes one tall…