Criminalizing ideologies

We live in a world that only accepts what it wants to. Anything other than that is either sanctified or profanized; it is always an extreme case. It is a risk to think different than the rest or even to think at all.

It is a sin to be a feminist, because the society does not view assertive or ‘bold’ women in a good light. One must not support homosexuality because it is abnormal. Women are sluts or whores if they explicitly express their sexuality. Men have monopolized the rights to hurl women-centric abuses. Misogyny is never problematized, but a feminist is immediately essentialized as anti-male. A feminist and an ideal daughter/sister/mother/daughter-in-law are mutually exclusive categories. The moment a woman questions the patriarchal setup of the social order or questions a male in the household, she ceases to be ideal owing to her blasphemous behaviour.

It is a sin to be a leftist, because it is only the capitalists and aristocrats who run the country. Being a leftist is therefore equivalent to being anti-national. It does not matter if a fair few infringe upon the rights of an ‘oppressed majority’. It is these wealthy giants who pay taxes and that is all that really matters. Money is more important than lives. There are so many poor people in the country that it is hardly a concern if a few more die of hunger or suffer from displacement. That they have employment is enough; they have no right to demand good and hygienic working conditions, wage hikes or anything else. Beggars cannot be choosers.

It is a sin to be a promoter of the rights of the marginalized, because you may be assassinated for talking against the state.
It is a sin to question the status quo, because disrupting the traditions of oppression,  and subjugation and exploitation turns the powerful against you.
It is a sin to be a woman and think for yourself.
It is  a sin to express your discontent against the existing state of affairs.
It is a sin to violate rules and break the norms the society has been following since eternity.
It is a sin to adhere to any ideology that counters that of those who possess power.
It is a sin to dissent, refuse or negate.

It is a sin to take a stance for something you believe is true.



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