I dissent, therefore I am

When pedestals are misused
Power is abused
When minorities are marginalized
When rebels are ostracized

When I am not considered a compatriot
When a government infringes upon my food right
When draconian laws continue to terrorize
When my caste determines my might

When three countries claim over my state
When nobody cares what residents want
When terrorists and soldiers ruin us the same
Day or night, the fear of death does haunt

When protest is sedition
When consent is the condition
When disagreement is criticized
When dissent is criminalized

When my freedom remains enshrined in a constitution
When I am denied the right to practise it
When I demand what I am entitled to
I am tortured so that I quit

When activism is blasphemous
When compliance is the norm
I am not a mere gush of wind
I will wreak havoc like a storm

I don’t know if I am national
Or if I belong to this nation at all
I don’t know if I am patriot
If I don’t bow to it or extol

But I know I am being alienated
I know I am being demonized
My differences being disregarded
I know I am being dehumanized

I realize, therefore I am
I question, therefore I am
I dissent, therefore I am
I condemn, therefore I am

I agitate, therefore I am
I retaliate, therefore I am
I mobilize, therefore I am
I revolutionize, therefore I am!


2 thoughts on “I dissent, therefore I am

  1. I know this is quite irrelevant but I wanted to share how this piece reminds me of what Sadaat Hassan Manto said years ago:

    ” India got liberated from the British & Pakistan came into existence. Yet in reality, humans of both countries were and are captive to prejudice, racism & religious fanaticism; slaves to ferocity & barbarism.”
    -Sadat Hassan Manto


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