I belong to a country where the government also decides and denies food rights of its citizens. It could raid your refrigerator to find beef, or worse, lynch you to death on mere suspicion of you having consumed it. Ridiculous, isn’t it? Pathetic, more so.

Probably even Fascist or Nazi regimes never dictated diets. There is a twist in the tale, because only consumption of flesh of a cow is problematic. This country is one of paradoxes. Here, Hindus worship cows as their mothers, but do all of them respect their own mothers or women in the household?

Certain groups of people argue that others must therefore not consume beef as it hurts their religious sentiments. However, their sentiments are not hurt if pork or buffalo meat is consumed.

If killing one particular animal hurts religious sentiments of some people, why does the killing of pigs, buffaloes, chickens, fish, etc. not incite the same fury within them? Where is secularism gone in the country? Will it ever become a part of the lives of people or only rust away in one line of the preamble of the constitution?

Where does this hypocrisy end? Does any particular majoritarian religion have the right to forbid other minorities from practising their own beliefs? It is not about tolerance or intolerance, it is about acceptance. We all have the right to hold beliefs and practise our own religion. But we do not have the right to curtail the freedom of others.

The government has no right to determine food rights of people. Followers of one religion cannot dictate laws for followers of other religions.

Are we really a free country if our government interferes into our personal lives? Are the colonial days back? Are we inhabiting a secular, democratic country or a Hindu left-wing country?

If we really need a ban, it has to be on the colonial attitudes of the government. Today. democracy in India continues to be in grave peril. Unless we profess equal freedom, democracy and rights for all, we cannot be a free nation in the true sense.

I support the right to food without restrictions. Do you?


10 thoughts on “Beef-sessed

      1. I agree with you. But the moment you stand for or against this, you are letting them win. The fight is within ourself not against any system. 🙂 Usually I avoid commenting on sensitive issues but couldn’t resist here.. :’)


  1. It is an ideological conflict. Difference of opinion is healthy but suppression of someone else’s beliefs and practices is not. We need to fight against our own prejudices and ethnocentric tendencies. If the government tries to propagate a particular agenda, that ought not to be tolerated.

    I am glad you commented and one must never try to avoid doing so. The more we discuss, the more we see different perspectives on these issues. Thank you for commenting and keep it up 🙂

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