Why so severe with Severus?

Yesterday I read how the phenomenal JKR expounded upon why Harry named his second son after Snape. It was the most appropriate explanation. However, you could see few irated fans retaliate here.

I don’t quite understand why people hate Snape after knowing who he really was. He was an unsung hero and indeed the bravest of all. Who could dare to keep double-crossing such a consummate Legilimens as Voldemort? Nearly everyone in the wizarding world, including his own followers (the Death Eaters) feared him. Snape risked his life in every way by playing double agent. Had it not been for him, the Order of the Phoenix would have finished once Dumbledore died.

It was Snape who made things easy for the Order by leaking information about Voldemort’s plans. It was he who was always there to save the day. Never did he let Harry be harmed; he was a martyr just like Remus, Tonks, Fred, Lavender, Colin,  and every other person who lost her/his life in the war.

He was loyal to his love until his last breath. It was out of this loyalty that he gave his own life to protect her son. He was always there whenever the trio was in trouble; be it when they were alone in the Shrieking Shack with Sirius and Lupin or when Quirrel was trying to jinx Harry’s broom.

One of the prime reasons why fans hate him is the hostility he showed towards the trio. Aren’t we the same? Don’t we continue to be prejudiced and bigoted towards the ones who are close to the ones we hate? Would we try socializing with the best friend of our worst adversary? It is human nature to be bitter to all those who are connected with the ones we hate.

Besides, we all love the Marauders but we cannot deny that somewhere they had been unkind to Snape. Harry too agreed that it was wrong. Probably if they weren’t so rude to Snape, he would not have taken to the Dark Arts. He would not have lost Lily. It was the continuous humiliation he underwent that might have fostered within him a thirst to prove himself and he  unconsciously chose the evil path . History would have been very different if he had not been bullied. He could have been Harry’s father.

Harry constantly reminded him of James and one cannot completely blame him for being antagonistic towards Harry. I do not contend that Snape was right in everything he did. Rather, I argue that he was imperfect like all of us are. He had his flaws but he was a hero. The wizarding world did owe a lot to his heroism.

There is nothing wrong with Harry naming his son after him. He honoured Snape’s love for his mother, his dedication and loyalty to Dumbledore, his fearlessness, selflessness, sacrifices, valour and intelligence that were crucial in turning the game in favour of Harry.

JKR rightly described him as neither a saint nor a devil. Every character in the series had her/his good and evil side. Perhaps Snape is the most evolved character in the sense that we closely know him. We have seen the best and worst of him; we have seen the cause and effect of his every action. We have seen his selflessness and love, anger and hate, strength and weakness.

There is no point hating him, fellow Potterheads. If you hate him, you miss out on the very essence of Harry Potter- forgiveness, being unprejudiced, valuing bravery, loyalty, seeing the best in everyone and realizing that heroes could lie in the most unlikeliest of places. I was stupefied with the way JKR summed it up:

Snape deserves both admiration and disapprobation, like most of us.



5 thoughts on “Why so severe with Severus?

      1. Yeah i’m a huge potterhead! Dumbledore asks him if he has finally taken a liking to harry which he responds by conjuring lilly’s doe-shaped patronous meaning that he has and always will love lilly 😢

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