Don’t let the Muggles get you down- Ronald Weasley

Often, when one does very well in life, one sees appreciation pouring in from every corner. One feels so overwhelmed that one could drown in the sea of commendation. Beware, folks! The most ardent admirer could turn out to be one’s nemesis.

Of the number of people from whom compliments flow in, hardly a few are genuine. Most compliments only stem from jealousy and curiosity. No, do not regard me as a pessimist. I am only being pragmatic and sharing lessons from my personal experiences and observations with you.

Not all sugar-coated words are sweet. An overdose could lead to diabetes, remember? These are often strategies to stagnate the development of an achiever. If one is too busy swimming in the pool of admiration, would one venture out to go swim in a restless sea? Would one escalate to the next level? No. One would stay where one is and that is exactly what these so-called ‘admirers’ want.

It is good to be successful and better to be consistently successful. One must never let success get into one’s head. Every success should only be a stepping stone to another; an inspiration to achieve more and never stop working hard. Constructive feedback must be taken more seriously than compliments. A true well-wisher not only wants you to succeed but also to grow and improve each time.

Remember, there are very few people in the world who truly want to see us at the top. Most are the ones who neither dare to achieve the impossible nor would let others do it. Successful people need to learn to distinguish between true friends and those who only pretend to be.

An enemy who swears to be one is anytime better than a friend who later stabs your back. Be careful, be good. Success is as success does. As the saying goes, “Virtue is its own reward.”

Don’t let the Muggles who flatter you too much get you down.



3 thoughts on “Don’t let the Muggles get you down- Ronald Weasley

  1. Yayyy!Another Harry Potter fan 😀
    You know we deal with phonies everyday.I know many people who praise you out of jealousy.They really care nothing,and this even includes most of our ‘friends’.It’s sad really.


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