Fairy godmothers

There are some who are always strong. There are some who are always weak. Most of us are swinging between being weak and strong. But there’s another very rare case where you cannot be weak, which I’m going to expound upon in this post.

There are many reasons why one cannot be weak. One, there’s nobody to listen to. Second, probably the most difficult one, that one ought to support someone else. One cannot afford to be weak if one is somebody else’s strength. It is something like one loses the right to be weak and to be heard the moment one becomes another’s wall. One cannot show one’s weak side to the other because that would devastate her/him.

The worst part of being somebody’s strength is that it is taken for granted that you are never going to feel despair. One needs to keep one’s head high, wear the widest smile and keep reiterating kind words of motivation even when one feels miserable. It is like becoming the fairy godmother of the world- so busy fulfilling everyone’s wishes that she probably kills all of her own.

I wonder what life is for her, just in case she really exists. She’s got to rush everywhere, check out on anybody who calls for her, no matter how tired she is. She cannot take a leave on Sunday or even if she is ill. She has to be on her toes always, has to listen to everyone, has to think of ideas and solutions to every damn problem in the world. She cannot quit from her job though she is not paid a paisa for it. She cannot opt for voluntary retirement  or maternity leaves, because she is the world’s mother. She has to keep fulfilling wishes and spreading smiles, because she has no right to be sad or cry. She can cry but only behind closed doors. Outside, nobody is going to listen, because all are too obsessed with their own problems.

Have you ever thought that even she needs a fairy godmother? She isn’t impeccable; she too has problems, fears and insecurities. Probably fairy godmothers are only supposed to give and not take anything. Nobody is going to lend them an ear. Rather, they might have to give their own if somebody lost theirs.

Life as a fairy godmother is a sad, selfless life; almost leaving one deindividuated. Trust me, they aren’t fictional or mythical characters. Look around, you’re surely going to find one close enough. If she ever meets you on the way, don’t bombard her with problems and wishes. Just say, “Hey!”, ask how she is and see the smile that comes on her face.

She wants nothing but genuine love and care. Be brave enough to give that to her. Remember, she too has got a life and has the right to live it, as much as you. Try listening to her, let her shed a tear or two and see how much she’ll bless you. Go out and help a fairy smile today!



3 thoughts on “Fairy godmothers

  1. One cannot afford to be weak if one is somebody else’s strength… Awesome!
    You take the reader’s attention to another world and beautifully connect is with reality… It’s amazing…:)


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