Without you

As I ascended the stairs
of the place we first met
It was like flying alone
in the world’s fastest jet

I was in my dream land
but without your hand to hold
It was like a plot without characters
yet a tale to be told

I sat on the chair I was seated on
the day you asked me out
The chair remained where it was
but you weren’t anywhere close about

I peeped into the class I first saw you
The benches were empty, you absent
The fantasy false, solitude true
you were past, not present

The place seemed so incomplete without you
a jigsaw puzzle with the central piece missing
Is it a dream to good to be true?
Being together where we were usually meeting?

I am never going there again
your absence haunts me
I am never going there again
this distance taunts me

What would I not do
to steal one last glance?
To say what you mean to me
to get one more chance

To spend another day
with love, smiles and care
To talk to you uninterrupted
without you having to go anywhere

To do crazy stuff together
to enjoy once more, together
To become kids again
never to bother again

It is good I’m not here on your big day
I’d be filled with grief that I couldn’t see you that day
Being away mitigates pain
offers an excuse not to be sad once again

I wish we could spend more time together
no gift can equal that
I wish we could share more smiles and happy tears
no moment is more special than that

I don’t miss the memories
I miss the one who gave me those
Growing up has its own miseries
it closes lovely doors

It gives work but takes away love
it gives money but takes away your honey
It gives powers but takes away happy hours
It gives rewards but takes away freedom

I wish we never grew up
I wish we stayed sixteen
I wish we could get back those years
which now only seem a dream



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