Fandoms and friendships

Anybody who’s read my posts knows that I’m a Potterhead. This post is not about my fandom. It is about the relationships nurtured and nourished by fandoms.

I was introduced to this fandom by a very special friend and we continue to be friends even today, even when we’re not in the same classes anymore. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Harry Potter brought us closer. There is so much to share and discuss about our fandom that we always get topics to discuss over. One relationship gave me Harry Potter; Harry Potter gave me many more relationships.

My best friend and I had an HP themed birthday. We exchanged gifts we prepared ourselves; each one of them having a Harry Potter significance. Right from diaries to fan fiction, we truly made each other’s birthdays Potterific!

The most interesting story is perhaps of a friend of mine I’ve never met. I introduced her to the Harry Potter universe (I’m so glad I did) and yesterday, she sent me beautiful Harry Potter themed gifts! We share a common problem of being considered stupid by Muggles, because we believe too much in a fictional world (a problem every Potterhead has to encounter). But we don’t care, because she quotes the amazing Luna: “You’re just as sane as I am.” I’ve prepared HP gifts for her too and can’t wait for her birthday.

The point is that Harry Potter has changed lives for the better. It has taught us unforgettable lessons, it has inspired generations of witches and wizards like us, it has given us a fandom to revel in and given us friendships from these fandoms. Imagine being friends with someone miles away, only because you share a common fandom! Passion knows no boundaries, after all.

To all the fanboys and fangirls out there, love your fandom and it’ll always love you back! As the Nerdfighters always say, “DFTBA!” (Do not forget to be awesome!)



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