Have you lived today?

We wake up to the bellowing alarm,
Frantically scrolling the screen of our dumb phone.
Its radiations having done all the harm,
A sick future is all we own.

We sprint for the train,
to encounter the Hitler boss.
But we’re always late like the rain,
So we’re in search of Santa Claus.

We are not working, we are whiling time;
Watchful of the distant via networking.
We don’t care for the neighbour,
We are too busy multitasking.

We are not clicking memories while having fun,
Having fun is now clicking memories.
Ten minutes and a hundred selfies done,
No words uttered, except “Cheeze”!

We are busy stalking people,
Our lives wasted in adding and blocking people.
A thousand virtual friends, yet lonely,
We add another one, boldly.

We eat while our fingers dance on the keyboard,
We text when we are and are not bored.
We want a new status- for society and our profiles,
so that we have followers from away miles.

We don’t take stands, we ‘like’ statuses,
To avoid oblivion during hiatuses.
We don’t talk, we only communicate,
Because smileys can both aggrieve and celebrate.

We want upgraded devices and recent apps,
Even if they divide us and widen gaps.
We judge people by their possessions,
We can’t rise above petty obsessions.

Slaves of machines, slaves of things;
Oblivious of the joys that nature brings.
Closer to strangers, away from ourselves,
Like unread books dusting on shelves.

Have you spoken to yourself lately?
Have you thanked God greatly?
Have you got your goals set?
Have you rediscovered your talents yet?

Have you dined with your beloved lately?
Have you narrated funny incidents animatedly?
Have you discarded what you can do without?
Have you laughed your heart out?

If not, it’s not too late!
Grab the opportunity at any rate.
Don’t wait to apologize or express gratitude,
Love takes us to the highest altitude.

Know yourself better today,
love yourself each day.
Live in the present; life is a present,
Together let’s begin our ascent!


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