A heartfelt dedication to the Harry Potter series

A brilliant Harry Potter post! I thought of thanking Harry Potter on the occasion of Teachers’ day, but this post beautifully sums it up! I perfectly resonate with your feelings!

Musings of a Reader

Growing up, the Harry Potter books was a very integral part of my life. In fact, they are one of the few series that I have read countless number of times and each time I have come out learning something new and inspiring. This post today is my tribute to the characters of this amazing series who have inspired a entire generation of young readers.A word of appreciation for J.K. Rowling: I am in awe of your writing power and I am glad that I was part of that generation that grew up with Harry Potter. Thank you for an experience of a lifetime.So here goes, a special tribute to the entire book and the amazing characters who made our journey so memorable.

1625534_593898730715204_6560358552671093286_nHatred rose in Harry such as he had never known before. He flung himself out from behind the fountain and bellowed “Crucio!” Bellatrix screamed. The…

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