The capital game

Please select your name and your assistant.

Player 1: “Aware. My assistant shall be Wisdom”.

Please select your name and your assistant.

Player 2: “Powerful, assisted by Wiliness”.

You can begin playing. Player 2 plays first.

Player 2: Establish City of Luxury. Build army of soldiers, amass treasury, organize relishing feast for one and all.

Done. Army ready, treasury amassed. Feast enjoyed by all.

Player 1: Send remaining food to neighbouring village without wasting any.

Done. Food well-distributed.

Player 2: Neighbouring village owes our mercy. Annex.

Done. Kingdom expanded.

Player 1: No. Abort operation.

Operation cannot be aborted. Undone.

Player 2: Haha. Employ all from neighbouring villages. Assign them tasks of serving us.

Done. Annexed population is now your servant.

Player 1: Establish trade union where each new member is a member.

Done. Union ready.

Player 2: Begin automobile manufacturing enterprise with assembly line production.

Done. Enterprise begins with 1,000 labourers.

Player 1: Impart skills and training to workers.


Player 2: My production is being delayed. Get them back to work immediately. Extra working hours as compensation.

Done. Each worker’s working hours extended by two hours.

Player 1: Extra wages to workers for over-time.

Not enough surplus profit. Undone.

Player 2: Sell produce in market at 20% higher rates.

Done. Surplus profits generated.

Player 1: Distribute a part of profit with workers.

Player 2: No! Reinvest to bring in advanced technology!

Done. Sorry, player 1. Player 2 is the owner of the factory.

Player 2: Haha. I skip this chance. Player 1 plays.


Player 1: Plant trees so as to curb pollution caused by factory.

Done. 5 trees planted.

Player 2: Cut trees for more wood for paper industry.

Done. 100 trees cut.

Player 1: Pollution increased. Get safety equipment for workers.

Not enough funds. Undone.

Worker needs leave for nursing ill wife. Asks for advance payment.

Player 2: Dismiss worker.

Player 1: NO!

Done. Sorry, player 1.

Player 1: All workers boycott work in support of dismissed friend.


Player 2: WHAT? STOP! NO!

Command not processed.

Player 2: Dismiss all!

Sorry, you are late. Workers quit a minute ago.

Player 1: Workers pool resources to begin own venture.


Player 2: You lost me my factory! Get them back!

You lost them the happiness of their life. Operation aborted. Player 1 wins.

Player 1: The daunting spirit of the oppressed wins. GAME OVER.

A new game begins.

Thank you, RavenclawSam, for helping me click the ‘Publish’ button! 


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