Happy birthday, Harry Potter!

Happy birthday, JKR! Happy birthday, Harry! Happy blogiversary, RavenclawSam !

Well, it is a special day for Potterheads all over the world! I must confess, I’ve not had a very good beginning. At the place where I live, nobody knows about it. Today, it doomed on me that I’m living in a Muggle world! Last year, I at least had a far-away someone to celebrate this day with. This year, we are not celebrating. One, I don’t think I can ask him to; second, he has other things to worry about. So it is me all alone, celebrating the big day by dressing my best (which obviously nobody here noticed). It is my blog, hence I want to be honest enough with all of you.

I feel blessed that I at least have a family who understands this day. It was so pleasant to hear my parents call me the first thing in the morning and say, “Happy birthday, Harry Potter”! What’s more, mom’s going to prepare a dessert today too, owing to my request! I hope God gives everyone in the world a family that understands your happiness and does not try to suppress it. Thank you, my dear parents! I know I am not alone in the celebrations. I have my family and most importantly, I have all you Potterheads out there!

Thank you, Harry Potter, for being my inspiration and helping me survive each battle! You have changed my life; you have made me stronger. You have given me the strength nobody else could give me. You made me muster the courage to go on. You helped me smile, be happy and laugh. You are an inseparable part of me now. You made me a different person. You are the twinkle of my eyes, the conviction of my ideas and the voice of my battle!

Thank you, J. K. Rowling, for giving us books that taught us more than any person or institution. Thank you for all the moments we laughed and cried with Harry and all the characters. Thank you for all the lessons we would never forget for a lifetime. Thank you for helping us reach out to others and convey the simple truths of life. Thank you for giving us something worth reading, re-reading and remembering!

Happy birthday, once again!


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