Reminiscence, day 2: Hopes

I wonder how could life change in so many ways,
from the best, it relegated to a tragic phase!
Things are getting worse, in order to make me stronger,
but I just can’t take it any longer!

I’m smiling, laughing,
but on the inside, I’m dying!
I want to scream, yell, shout,
I want to cry my heart out!

What’s stopping me from getting what I want?
the fear of losing it all does haunt!
There’s utter darkness even when the lamps are lit,
the easiest way out is to say that’s it, i quit!

Giving up is so easy,
but it shall only add to the misery!
I see my destination, but don’t know which way to take,
every step i take gets converted into a mistake!

I’m sure I’ll conquer the peak one day,
if my fear and hesitation go away!
A ray of hope is still alive in me,
things shall get okay and be as they ought to be!

All that’s gone has gone,
I’m just learning to MOVE ON!
A new beginning, forgetting the past that flew,
dear destination, I’m coming to meet you!!!


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