A brilliant piece of writing

This  is a brilliant essay written by my friend, Aman Lodha. Very few people at the age of eighteen can write stuff so wise as this. He is an avid reader, orator, singer and has a passion for writing as well. An all-rounder in the true sense, he has shared his pragmatic views on topics such as Karma and rebirth, which often divide the world into the theist and atheist factions. 

Talking about Karma- The basic meaning of Karma is what you give, you get back. Karma has no menu.
It means you can’t place an order with Karma for the things you like.
You will be served what you have given to someone else. Now, that is a very simple terminology used to understand the real reason behind the entire “You get what you give” process.

If you give happiness to others, it means you are concentrating more on happiness which implies that you like happiness and hence you attract more happiness towards you.
If you give pain to others, it means you are concentrating more on pain which implies that all your energy is focused on it and hence you will surely get the same thing.
This is the law of nature. The law is just perfect. You attract more of what you focus on. I have experiencd these things even recently. Hence Karma is true. U may call it the law of attraction or Karma. Different names but the same reason.
Karma is basically a simpler way to make people understand the whole process of getting what u give.

About rebirth or pre- birth; to be honest, I do not know. And I can challenge the whole world.
Nobody knows about it. Whatever theories are written about these things are purely ASSUMPTIONS! Come on, we all are living. How can we know what happens after life? How can someone prove that there are seven lives or that there is no life after death?

We just don’t know. What if nature has the biggest twist for all of us after we die??
What if it makes us invisible and we all remain here itself after we die?
What if all our close ones who have died are also here itself but invisible?
Do we know? Do we have any idea??
No! We humans can’t accept that we don’t have answers to certain questions.
And hence we derive theories.
But the fact is we haven’t interviewed any dead person till date n hence we don’t know what is there after death. We will come to know only wen we DIE.
Maybe we will get another life. Maybe there is no life. But all the theories about life after death or no life after death are assumptions. They can’t be real by any chance.
So humans, be honest and accept that we don’t know the answer.  We don’t know what lies beyond death; but we know what lies before death. It is called ‘Life’.

The best we can do is, live it to the fullest!


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