Life often strands us in the loneliest places
where hope hesitates to display its traces
Where one has to put up false grimaces
though vanquished by dual faces

They may be blood relatives
but they are insensitive
They blabber in exasperation
as though we are a box to hold their flooding frustration

They don’t care how you feel
They want you to suffer silently
They think you’re made of steel
Their words can punch you violently

Friends? They’re good when you’ve got to hangout
otherwise, their existence you ought to doubt
They’ll strand you as soon as they get the next
and you’ll wonder your errors and their context

There are some connected by love
but they can’t help you either
They’re occupied, they’re busy
They’ve no time to help any other

Life leaves you stranded exactly where
you thought you’d get solace
Life mocks your judgement of
the world’s happiest place

And when you’re stranded you realise
how futile this world is
How stupid we were to worry about trifles
which were nowhere like this

Stranded in the middle of nowhere
where do you go, where do you look for help?
All you see is your loved ones
giving you an angry yelp

The stranded fellow can do nothing but
wait for the storm to pass
Happy days shall come soon
if you clear this first class

Life laughs again and states
it wants to keep you lonely
So that you understand how good the world is
and how you’re to struggle surely

Stranded, hopeless, life goes on
sadistically smiling when you cry
Is that what it really wants
and what it always does try?

Dear God, don’t do this to anybody
they might as well collapse
Let the wounds heal
don’t let the pain relapse

Stranded in the middle of nowhere
I don’t know where to go
I’ll wait here till I get a lift from time
and it takes me to a happier place
steady and slow


2 thoughts on “Stranded

  1. We all get stranded from time to time. It’s up to us to take a first step to find our way. It’s faster than waiting for someone to pick us up. Besides, when we take our own steps, we decide where we want to go. If we wait for help, we don’t even know if that’s where we want to go 🙂


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