One week to go!

Have you ever tried to find a reason to be happy and failed to find any? Nonetheless, have you tried to be happy for someone else only to find they aren’t happy about it at all? What do you do in such a case?

I guess one could only wait for the reason to come, by itself. What other choice do we have? They say happiness is like a butterfly; one can never catch it if one chases it but it will slowly settle on one’s shoulder if one stopped chasing it. Probably it is the game happiness likes to play and we ought to give in to its way!

I believe my reason for being happy is hibernating at the moment; it’ll come to me in a week’s time. Exactly seven days from now, things shall be different and the ball shall be in my court. The sun will shine brighter and the breezes shall be more soothing. Life shall change, only for the better.

Till then, keep fighting, my dear self. It is the last week. Ten months have flown away. Only one week till I shout “Hello, happiness!” as we meet on the crossroads, awaiting a new journey far away in the hills, never to retreat.



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