No to nobility???

This post is an attack on the seemingly diminishing nobility of the noblest of the noble professions- teachers, doctors, etc. A few incidents shall clear the purpose of my claim.

In some of the premier deemed universities of the country, students are seen in turmoil. In spite of being reputed institutes with professors not qualified less than a Ph. D., students face a lot of problems when it comes to academics. Some professors don’t bother to ensure if all students understood everything. They don’t mind going away from the residential campus a day before the exam, even if students have doubts or difficulties. If reported to the authorities, they deliberately set tough question papers, including concepts never even touched upon in class. Some professors don’t recommend any reference books at all to study from so that students who missed lectures cannot write the paper at all. Is vengeance an attribute of a noble teacher? Why make so many sincere ones suffer because of a few naughty ones? Why not improve oneself than seek revenge for staining one’s so-called pretentiously ‘clean’ image in front of the authorities?

Are these people even worth being referred to as teachers? Is that how young India is being trained for the future? Are we producing bright young leaders or simply a confused lot of unused brains? Are we going to create responsible citizens or simply another generation of least dutiful professors, content with the whooping salary and secure government job that they have?

Further, talking about doctors, I went to an Ayurvedic doctor who had her dispensary in a store selling Patanjali products, to seek remedy for my pimples. Her behaviour was shocking. She simply recommended me 3-4 medicines to be bought from the store. Neither did she ask me my name, age, eating habits, history, since how long did I suffer from them, nor suggest me any prohibitions or ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. Apparently, she was only interested in selling off the products and not in the welfare of patients. Dejected, I left from there, without buying any medicine. A doctor with no intention to treat a patient cannot treat me at all.

I stay in a residential campus away from home for my higher studies. My institute has a tie-up with a nearby hospital; thus we are not charged any consultancy fees when we go to the doctor. Consequently, he is never serious when we go to him. He is clueless whenever we ask him the cause of our disease or illness. He gives random answers such as “hundreds of reasons could have caused you this allergy”. Every patient knew that. If that was what we wanted to hear, why would we travel 15 kilometres and go to him in the first place? We travel so much and the doctor literally shoos us away in less than two minutes, no matter how severe the illness. What is the point in going to the doctor if this is how we are going to be ill-treated?

If doctors become so materialistic and money oriented, whom on earth should we trust in troubled times? ‘Patch Adams’ (1998) is a movie beautifully illustrating that more than medicines, it is the hope, love and care a doctor provides that cures a patient. A smile, politeness and friendly behaviour is more effective and magical than any other treatment. A doctor is a saviour; an angel. Every year, lakhs of youth appear for the medical CET and NEET. Medical colleges charge fees in six to seven digits but do they teach basic communication skills to medical students? Do they teach them the humanity it takes to be a doctor? Is the knowledge of anatomy and medicine sufficient to be a physician? Maybe that could produce a medicine-giver; but definitely that cannot produce a healer!

Yesterday I went to a bakery along with my father to buy bread. Two packets of the same company had different prices. When dad asked the shopkeeper the reason for the same, he rudely asked my dad to read it on the packet as he did not know anything. Why does he even run a shop if he has no knowledge of the products he sells?

Be it occupations requiring skilled or unskilled labour, nowhere do we find capable practitioners. This precisely is what hinders the development of our nation. Countries such as Japan and Singapore which have a population even less than a quarter of India’s are quite ahead of us, mainly because of the sincerity, dedication and efforts people put in their work. It is not so difficult to be honest and loyal to one’s OWN job!

It is time we think and introspect our own moralities and where our loyalties lie. Life is not about enjoying the position one has; it is about striving to deserve what one has been entitled to. Only then, escalation to higher positions is possible. The next time you try to be dishonest towards your work, think again- is that how you want to see our country a few decades later? The future depends solely on your decision and how you influence the ones around you by it, because:



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