The voice that echoes in silence

You just called!!

I was sitting in my favourite corner of the reading room when my cell phone began to flash your name in bold. Skipping stairs, I alighted the staircase in quest of good network. Out I was, and I heard your tinkling voice.

The magical whisper that runs Goosebumps through my hands and a current down my torso. The cackle that is sweeter than the call of a cuckoo. The chuckle that I never want to stop lending my ears to. The talks that are coated with pure honey; the words woven from China silk. The melodious voice that wins hearts. The fully cracked voice of an eighteen year old lad. The spell cast by a sorcerer, the hymns chanted in a shrine. The enchanting sound of an enthusiastic narrator. An everlasting story. The colours of a rainbow, the radiance of the sun. The strings of a guitar, the rhythm of the chirping birds. The lullaby to keep me awake all night. The tune to reminisce forever, until the last breath.

Your voice is intoxicating. Once again, I experienced the euphoria I usually do during our conversations vis-à-vis. The voice that unconsciously keeps ringing in my ears, silently echoes through the veil of memories when I am struck by nostalgia.


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