Never lost

Yesterday, I read a blog post at . The author expresses his pain after losing his sister who was very dear to him. He labelled her ‘the best psychologist’; I’ll try to be one for him now, though I’m not pretty sure if I could replace her.

I’m sure she misses you too. Maybe, while you were writing that post yesterday, she was missing you badly. Honestly, she would hate to see you so sad. If your happiness lies in hers, don’t you think it would be vice versa as well?

Many things in life are beyond human control. She must have been in a mess; she would have had no option except going. She might have been helpless. Often, we are left with no choice but to surrender to destiny.

Don’t let her absence become your weakness; rather, make it your strength. Make her proud. She never wanted to see you defeated or dejected. She wanted you to rise above everything that lets you down. She won’t be happy at all if you are weak, and you want her to be happy, right? Remember the advices she gave you and follow them.

Smile. She wishes that God always blesses you, she prays for you everyday. You must accept the fact that things cannot be as they were and you must MOVE ON. That is what she wants; that is what God wants.

She misses you and she wants you to be happy more than anything else. Don’t let her down, will you? You can never be lost, because for her, you are and will always be a winner.

Be strong, be happy, be awesome. Make her the proudest sister.

Yes, I am sure she misses you too.

All the best! God will always bless you, dear!


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