Once, I had a dream. I saw a beautiful angel in front of me. “My dear child”, she said, “I’m here to tell you about something that everyone wants in life. It means different things to different people; but everyone wants it by hook or crook. It is happiness. It is the reason why we do or do not do something. It is magic, it is madness… It is a medicine to cure all pain and the master key to unlock life!”

Astounded, I inquired, “But what is happiness like?” “It is subjective as it differs from person to person. For me, it is talking to you; for you, it is the chocolate lying in the fridge! It could be anything- in the simplest thing such as helping someone cross the road. The best thing about it is that it multiplies the more you share it!”

“Wow!” I squealed. “But why should one be happy?” I shot my next arrow. “Because, dear child, it is a contagious ‘wellness’. I shall explain you the chain reaction. If you are happy, you exert positive vibes. You share them with someone else and make their day. They will in turn make more people happy. The chain goes on and on. On the contrary, if you’re sad, you make the ones around you sad and they follow suit. You indirectly are responsible for spoiling days of so many people you don’t even know!” “Oh yes! I never thought of it this way!” I pondered over my nonchalance.

“Then we must do everything that makes us happy!” I delightfully stated the lesson I just learnt. “Yes, but be cautious. Happiness is not enshrined in money or materials. It is okay to get nostalgic about happy times; but it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. Don’t imitate others. Do what YOU think shall make you happy. But you cannot be happy at the cost of anyone’s trouble. To be happy, make others happy.”

Her words were gradually sinking into my mind and heart. She continued, “Now that we have seen what happiness is, let’s see where to seek it. Many search for it in extravagance, in malls, parties or clubs. Some innocent ones entirely depend on others for their own happiness. This is where they falter. Happiness could be in the most unexpected places like in your home or maybe in a long lonely walk. It comes from hope and faith even in the most troubled times. It is not always in grandeur; it could be in all those little things, such as eating from a road-side stall!”

Moving away from a focus on its deep meaning, I curiously wondered, “But how can we be happy?” She laughed. “That’s the simplest thing to do! Listen to your heart. Live with no regrets. Find reasons to smile but don’t insanely chase happiness. Try liking things you cannot change.”

“Whoa! This sounds fascinatingly simple!” I was excited. “Have you heard of the Joy of Giving?” She paused.

“It is the happiness derived from selflessness. The joy of spreading smiles, helping someone when they need it the most, being there for others, providing them support and motivation to believe in themselves are small gestures that could greatly impact lives of the ones around you. And it is very important to acknowledge people irrespective of their status. For you, people are sweepers or cleaners; for God, everyone is human and equally beloved.”

Smiling, she carried on. “You too could be an angel for so many people around you. Keep spreading joy and happiness! Forget the fears, failures and pain. Move on. It takes a lot of courage to be happy! Be strong and do not forget to be happy!” Before I could thank her, she vanished in the blink of an eye; giving me lots of happiness that I’m now sharing with you. ❤

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