I want to fly

Yes, I’m a woman

and I want to fly high in the sky.

I want to soar over the peaks

along with the birds fluttering by.

But my fear stops me

What if I’m abducted?

Ah! The hunter’s arrow I see,

What if towards me it is directed?

My husband yells, “How dare you fly?”

Who shall feed the chicks?

In order to disrupt my flight

He deploys a million tricks.

My parents advise, “Listen to your mate.

He provides you an abode and meal.

Had he not taken you in his house

You’d be forced to beg and steal.”

My in-laws rebuke, “Don’t even dream of flying

What about our reputation?”

Even if I try, they will find and cage me

Such is their indignation.

My friends sympathize

But fail to energize.

“This is your fate, accept it,

Don’t leave the nest, why risk it?”

What do I do? Where do I go?

I have no clue.

I know one thing for sure

I have to bid my fears adieu.

I will force myself out of the cocoon

My wings shall soar soon.

I will discard each and every prejudice

I shall not give in to this injustice.

I shall shatter all chains

I will heal all my pains.

I will rebuild my world alone

chasing dreams and passions of my own.

I will achieve it no matter what

I am unafraid of the dark.

I have it in me

I’m the power and the spark!


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