I dream of the good old times

when mom dropped me to school.

She tied my hair, prepared my tiffin

and taught me to follow every rule.

I dream of the days I was a tiny tot

and daddy took me for rides.

Standing ahead on the scooter, I felt as though

I was flying with the birds in the high skies.

I dream of those days my teachers

spoke high of me to mom and dad.

They felt so proud and happy

that smile was the best they had.

Times changed, and now….

I dream of the day

I will go home

My hardwork shall pay

the moment I see the open door.

My mother shall be in tears

and I in her lap

She will caress me for years

till it’s time to go back.

My father will be the happiest in ages

he will hug me and kiss me

He will express his love in stages

and inspire and bless me.

My siblings will have a hundred stories

of what happened when I wasn’t around.

Together we’ll relish fruits and berries

that we’ll now not fight for.

My mother will cook the best savouries

my father will not stop till I drop

He will fill my plate with memories

and scold me when i refuse to take any more.

We will huddle together on the sofa

and watch TV and laugh

We will sleep together on the terrace

wishing for nights longer, days half.

May those days last a lifetime

may the golden sun never set

May my sleep last some more time

because my dream is not reality yet…

Dear God, bless my family

keep them strong, healthy and happy.

You gave them to me as a boon

may we meet soon, really soon!


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