When a loved one turns 18

I’m on cloud nine because my best friend turns eighteen today! Truly, time flies so fast. Two years have gone by like a gust of cool wind. I wonder how we met when we were sixteen and how soon we turned eighteen! More than anything else, we created so strong a bond in merely two years!

Dear best friend, thank you so much for everything. You’ve made the past two years the most amazing part of my life. I feel blessed to have met you. When I count my blessings, I undoubtedly have to count you twice!

This post is mainly about how we feel when a loved one turns eighteen. Last month, I turned eighteen. Honestly, my excitement at that time was not even half of that I have now. I feel ten thousand times happier about the fact that now my pal is also an adult! More than adulthood, I consider this as a significant phase of a person’s life. Suddenly, one is expected to behave more responsibly, act like a grown-up and what not. One day ago, you were a kid; today, you are a grown up man. What a metamorphosis! It’s like seeing a young one hatch from the egg. The feeling cannot be described in words. The happiness of seeing your loved one attain adulthood is priceless!

Dear bestie, you have always been very mature and responsible. Do continue to be as you have been. You are adored and admired wherever you go. Keep working hard and achieving all that you want to in life. I’m always there for you.
Take care.

P. S. This post is gift number 17. :*



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