De-gnome, detoxify, declutter

One can experience drastic changes in life, once he/she turns eighteen years old. It’s been three weeks since I attained adulthood. People prepare bucket lists of things to do before they are eighteen. I had none, except that I wanted to read and watch all Harry Potter books and movies, respectively. I’m proud I accomplished that.

Now, it’s time to prepare another list titled things to do now that I’m eighteen. I began with this- Decluttering. Just as Harry helps the Weasley brothers de-gnome their garden, we need to help ourselves declutter our lives. Of course, the gnomes keep reappearing; but that does not imply that we stop de-gnoming. It is an incessant process and it MUST be so. Only then we can achieve a quality life.

Decluttering is also a systematic process. The steps include eliminating all those things, memories and people from our lives that let us down in a way or the other. Anything that acts as an impediment to our progress ought to be nipped in the bud. I started with something as simple as unfriending all those people from my Facebook friend list who never even bothered to check my profile. If we have added someone as a friend on Facebook, it implies we give them some space into our private life. What is the use of giving this privilege to hundreds of people, ninety per cent of whom don’t even bother that you exist? I’m on this unfriending spree even now, in spite of having unfriended more than 250 people. What’s more, none of them even realized that I did. None of them except a girl tried to add me again. Further, I stopped talking to people who I thought were no longer interested in talking to me. I tried my best to get them back into my life, but to no avail. I considered it best to stop trying anymore.

I deleted old stuff from my cell phone and my laptop. Not only that, I’m even giving away my old clothes to a needy girl. I am a person who falls in love with everything. I’ve loved all my clothes, that is why i bought them in the first place! I’ve looked beautiful while wearing them. But there comes a time where these have to go, because only then I shall shop newer ones that suit me now. My wardrobe seems comparatively emptier now, but never mind. New ones shall occupy the vacant space, sooner or later.

Crap that surrounds us only steals our peace of mind. It is important to discard anything that is not required anymore. Unless we clean the window pane, we cannot see what lies beyond. De-gnome your life and get a clearer vision. Detoxify your grudges and get a more peaceful life. De-clutter your life and make space for all those happy things out there. Why miss out on the good? All it takes is a bit of introspection to clear your vision. So my lovely readers, take a rag and start cleaning right away. You’re only a step away from your destination if you clear off the negativity and insecurities that lie in your mind.

“When people will not weed their own minds, they are apt to be overrun by nettles.”
― Horace Walpole
Don’t let the Nargles or gnomes let you down!! 🙂

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