Cheers to the smile spreaders

The ones who strive to keep everyone happy are the saddest people from within. They devote themselves to the cause of making others feel loved and special. Selflessly, they continue to take efforts to bring that one smile on your face. They give you a shoulder when you want to cry but they themselves cry behind closed doors. When they expect a per cent return of their goodness, they are tagged emotional fools and advised to abstain from expectations and attachments.

My dear ‘smile spreading’ folks, you aren’t alone. There are several ones like you. You aren’t a bit wrong if you expect goodness in return. It will come to you, sooner or later; simply because you deserve it! Ignore those who tag you sentimental or dewy-eyed. You are one of those very special few who are kind and considerate. Never lose the tenderness! Keep spreading smiles but only to those who deserve it. You deserve happiness tantamount. God bless you lovely angels! Cheers!


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4 thoughts on “Cheers to the smile spreaders

  1. First of all, I have no idea why I haven’t been following you already since you have posted on my blog and everything. I’ll just blame the Nargles.

    This is such an amazing read. I can connect to it on some level since I believe in cheering people up and making them laugh. All the same, so often I find myself depressed and alone and nobody seems to be able to pick up on that. It is sort of frustrating.

    Do you feel that way?

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  2. Hey, i’m sorry for the late reply. I hadn’t posted anything for long. Thanks for all the appreciation! 🙂
    Yes, I often feel like you do. But that is how life is. I convince myself like this: At least i ensure that nobody around me feels this way. I’m glad i help others feel better in sad times. i guess this shall help you too.
    Remember, there are many smile-spreaders like you who share the same sentiments. Be glad, you’re a part of the happiness brigade! :* 😀 🙂 Be proud :*

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  3. This was such a sweet post! I’m glad that you posted this, I automatically thought of a few key people that are exactly like this. It made me happy.

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