The world is perfect with its imperfections!

RavenclawSam feels this is one of the best essays I’ve ever written. Dear Ravenclawsam, this is for you- and for all my lovely readers who contribute to making the world a better place each day, by reading, writing and spreading the knowledge. 🙂

The title seems paradoxical, isn’t it? I may even sound a lunatic to you at first instance. This world is one of the most criticized and condemned thing in today’s times- let alone everything else. Volumes could be written as a result of its critical evaluation by almost everybody on this planet. Hardly a per cent out of the seven billion people would agree with this line in my title- but after my elaboration, maybe you are compelled to give it a thought from a different perspective altogether!

What exactly is perfection? Is it the absence of any flaws and drawbacks or impeccability? Is it something functioning in the most ideal manner? No. The world is no Utopian land. Are we perfect to make the world perfect? Not at all. Thus, the world is imperfect and is beautiful as it is. But how?

Had we all been perfect and self-sufficient in every respect, we would never need people in our life. No dependence, only independence. But wait! Can anybody live in isolation? We all need people in our life- people to love and people to live for. Also, because we cannot do everything ourselves, we tend to give employment to so many people. If all could drive, what was the need for public transport or cabs? The transport industry employs millions of people all over the world! Have you imagined a world with no problems, no stress, no workload and no frustration? Is it perfect? Not really. In fact, it is boring. Life would be dull and colourless if there were no problems. Obstacles and pressure could be a motivation, if used wisely and considered an opportunity. Problems help us to dig out, deduce and discover. Without problems, the world would not have seen development. Problems in communication brought in mobiles, Skype and social networking. No problems would lead to monotony and stagnation! So bring it on, problems! We are ready!! You add that uniqueness to the world which nothing else can! Every problem seems to be more insolvable and bizarre than the previous, doesn’t it?

Some people say the world would be so much more livable if there were no fights. We fight so many a times with our friends, siblings etc. But all fights are temporary, aren’t they? We tend to reconcile- resolve all differences and come closer than ever before. Regarding fights with strangers, don’t you think quarrels over a seat in the local train give you an ‘insight’ as to how people behave and how we should not? Don’t they come in as lessons free of cost? Every fight teaches us how to avoid another. Fights are also opportunities to learn, just like problems. They just teach us lessons the hard way, which we tend to remember for a longer time. I’m sure you are considering me an insane optimist already, aren’t you?

But that’s not the case. Maybe my problems can be analyzed next time. Let us now focus on why the world is perfect because it is not. Another argument that may turn up is that we live in a sick world. There are thousands of diseases and disorders that ensure that the medical industry grosses billions of rupees annually. The unhealthy world is no way perfect. But why do people fall ill? Is it because of somebody else? No. Everybody is responsible for their health, whether good or bad. Diseases are not induced by somebody else in most cases, it is our lifestyle that determines our health. People fall ill because they do not take care of their health. Nobody else is responsible for that. These imperfections are self-induced and hence the world is simply not to be blamed.

Social and environmental issues, the most discussed and critically evaluated topics always are a reason the world is considered abominable. Environmental concerns include global warming, pollution and natural calamities. The law of nature is ‘tit for tat’. Environmental imbalances are also human induced just as sicknesses and illnesses are. Social concerns- unemployment, corruption, poverty, terrorism, illiteracy are all detrimental to development. Agreed. But unemployment and poverty are not completely beyond our capacities. The government tries its best to help them out. There are entrepreneurs who are also philanthropists who reach out to the poor youth and help them explore their potentials by giving them opportunities to learn and grow. As against the corrupt politicians, we ought to stop voting for them and they need to be put behind the bars. We vote for them and hence they misuse the power. Terrorism that stems out of illogical racial issues cannot be prevented, because terrorists have a strong base behind their mindset. But we can collectively make their efforts futile by not giving in to them and by staying strong and well- prepared. That is the spirit the humanity of the world ought to display against a few inhuman troublemakers.

Nobody is bad. It is only their deeds- very few of us resort to those anti-social things we shouldn’t be doing. Crime exists, but it is a result of the inadequacies of proper parenting and education. Yes, we don’t teach our children to steal or to kill, but if still they do it, it is because we failed to parent them as we should have. We failed to make them realize that they should never have resorted to cruel means no matter what somebody else did. Our education today emphasizes on rote learning and not on learning moral values. It begins with cheating in an exam at school and it goes on till manipulating accounts of a business. It is simple- our values have a weak base while the anti-social things grip and enslave the mind quickly. And it never stops until enlightenment.

The world is definitely a beautiful place to live in. It has a few undesirable features, without which the world would become even better. While some of them, as I listed above, can be avoided and eliminated, there are some that are needed to complete the picture. This doesn’t imply that we should become complacent. There is always scope for improvement. Each day, we ought to strive to make this world a better place to live in. This has to be a never-ending process. Let’s make our kids responsible so that they don’t fall prey to things that shouldn’t. Let us lead by example. We are all here for a while, why spend life criticizing the beautiful world? Rather, let us take joy in every moment and learn every second. The beauty of the world lies in the beauty of the minds of its people. Let us add to the beauty of the world! Let’s make it livable, lovable and adorable. Let’s accept it as a gift, gracefully and gratefully. Let’s make it a wonderful place to live in, together!


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