Home sweet home!

I’ve already spent a few days in hostel now and I have a few more months to go. I miss home and my home town. I miss my parents and all my loved ones. I guess I am and I shall always be, homesick.

I feel sorry for all the times in the past when I must have said that it is boring to be at home. Now I would give anything in the world to get back home; but I can’t. It is not so easy staying away from your loved ones. It is not for nothing that we say, “Home is where the heart is”.

Dear God, please take care of my loved ones. Please keep them healthy and happy. Please give them as well as me the strength to bear this distance for a long while now. Please bless them as you always do. Please take care of my angels. I see a part of you in each one of them. I love you, God and I love each one of them.

Until my next post then. And to you, my dear readers; take care and love your home!!


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