Not sorry anymore

She was unique. She was special. She was a good person. She was liked and loved by everyone. She had an aura. She inspired awe wherever she went. She was not rich or beautiful. She was different and she was kind. She was an angel who spread happiness wherever she went.

She was humane and made mistakes, though. She met few people and trusted them. She met him and tried to befriend him. He never cared, but she hoped she could make him realize that she was really good. She never quit. He ignored her. He befriended her friends and isolated her. She died everyday from within. Loneliness began to slow poison her.

She never ceased to be good because it wasn’t in her nature to avenge mistreatment. He began to get a bit more considerate towards her. She grew happy again. She looked for buds among the prickliest thorns. Her friends never returned to her. He was good to her when he needed help. Otherwise, he’d always spend time with his friends. She only struck his mind while in need. He first took away her friends and then kept making her feel miserable, maybe unknowingly.

She rebuked but he was always ready with excuses. She did not love him, she only expected pure friendship. He was too preoccupied to feel her goodness and care. He along with her friends made their own secluded world excluding the reason how they became friends- it was all because of her.

She was hurt but strong. She always helped them whenever they asked her. She kept being used. She neither refused nor rebuked. They never cared for her and she never stopped caring. She met an angel who helped her out of the turmoil. He made her feel happy again. He tried to make her happy in every way he could. He remembered her not only in need but also in happiness. He encouraged her, handled her; he let her rise from the ashes. It was as though he became her walking stick when she almost lost hope of walking again. He held on to her and never let her go. He made her feel blessed and loved. He made her feel special. He helped her fly again.

With her angel by her side, she is filled with a new sense of confidence and emancipation. She has learnt to live without those who don’t care for her. She is happy with her angel and always tries to reciprocate his kindness. They are both there for each other and don’t care for anyone else. They seal the hollows in each other’s lives. They are happy and that’s what matters.

Life is always about making the right choices. It’s okay to be wrong but not okay not to amend the wrong. Care for the ones who care for you and see how happy life becomes. Life is too short to regret. 

P. S. Now that she has stopped caring, she doesn’t feel sorry about losing them. anymore.


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