Only for you

To the one who has been there no matter what,

My life has changed ever since you entered two years back. You have supported me and been with me in the best and the worst times. After meeting you yesterday I feel much more protected and loved. I’m going through the worst times but I know I’ll make it through because you’re there.

Thank you for letting me cry. Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for not shouting or scolding but simply understanding. I shall fight, for you. I shall sail through it. I shall do it, only for you. I may go away from you in terms of distance but I can’t really go away from your affection and your goodness. You are my hope and my happiness. I will rise from the ashes and do everything impossible, only for you. Thank you for being there, once again. I love you. I too will reciprocate your kindness, always.

– Someone who’s being nastily tested


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