Mysteriously yours: Chapter Six


“Now look at Sonia’s diary and the third painting! You join the dots and you know who’s done it!”, she said triumphantly. Veronica opened Sonia’s diary. All its pages had been burnt. However, the last page was intact. It read:

Revenge has been taken.

One down, one to go.



Veronica looked at the third painting carefully. The meaning sank in now. “The coffin in the painting indicates Edward’s suicide. The ‘I didn’t’ speech bubble leads us to the conclusion that everyone considered Sonia responsible for his suicide. Someone close to Edward had been plotting against her in order to avenge his death. The murderer might have been blaming Sonia for Edward’s death. She has been murdered for the same reason”, said Veronica. “The murderer’s next target is you, Evan. You too are in danger now”, Veronica alarmed him.  “But why me?”, he asked out of fear for his life. “You were the reason why Edward could never get Sonia. She wanted to marry you, so she refused to marry him. Depressed, Evan killed himself. The murderer will assume that he has successfully avenged Edward’s death only when he kills you as well. After Sonia, it was you who was responsible for Edward’s attempt to kill himself, according to the assassin”, informed Veronica. “I don’t want to die, Veronica!”, he yelled out of terror.

“We won’t let you die. Two deaths weren’t avoided. This one will”, she said with determination. “We need to set a trap to beckon the murderer. We shall trap the hunter by pretending to feed his prey to him”, she said. “What?”, asked Evan, his mind boggling. “Just do as I say,” she said, “Wait here at the table. I’ll be here in a while. Do not move till I ask you to, no matter what happens.” “Okay”, he said, still not able to get even a word of what she was saying.

Veronica left the house. She rushed to the Roberts and rang the bell. Mr. Roberts opened the door. “Oh hi. What brings you here?”, he asked, a bit annoyed. She replied, “I was only here to tell you that the doctors had given me some tampered postmortem reports. Evan has got the actual reports on my table in the living room. Please take care that nobody enters my home. I have to go out for a while”. “Alright”, he said and slammed the door. His behaviour vexed her, but she did not say anything. She fled from there. She waited quietly in a corner, where she could not be seen.

Ten minutes later, she saw a woman climb the stairs. She was tall and quite young. Veronica could not see her face as it was very dark. The woman entered the Roberts’ house and the door was shut. Veronica waited patiently. She knew what their next step would be. Within fifteen minutes, Mr. Roberts and the woman stepped outside. They knocked at Veronica’s door. Evan opened the door. Mr. Roberts slammed it shut. For the next few moments, there was no noise. “Help!!!”, suddenly she heard Evan shouting. She rushed towards her home and pushed the door ajar. “The game is over, Mr. Roberts”, she said and switched on the lights. Following her was a team of policemen, the same ones whom the Roberts had called the day they discovered Sonia dead.


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