Mysteriously yours: Chapter Seven


Mr. Roberts was shocked. The woman turned around to see what had happened. “Hello Dr. Pristine, Edward’s favourite cousin!”, said Veronica with contempt. Evan looked at Veronica as though she was his saviour. Had she been a minute late, he would have been killed just as Sonia was. “Come here, Evan”, she signalled him to come near her and enquired, “Are you okay?” “Yeah”, he said, though frozen with terror. “Throw away the injection now, Pristine!”, shouted Veronica. “You killed my sister! She never died of sleeping pills! Death was injected to her by you!”, she cried, “Mrs. Roberts recommended Sonia that you could help her out of her emotional trauma! But you killed her!!”

“Yes, I killed Sonia”, she continued coldly. “Mr. Roberts is my uncle. After Edward’s death he came to me and asked me why did he kill himself. Edward had only told me about his fantasy for Sonia. I tried convincing Sonia to marry him , as she was my patient. But she madly admired Evan and just didn’t listen to me. Six months ago, Edward asked her out for a millionth time. I accompanied him to Sonia’s place. She slapped him in frustration. Taken aback, he killed himself. When uncle came to ask me, I narrated him the entire incident. Together, we planned to kill Sonia at an appropriate time. For the next six months I tortured Sonia whenever she came to me for being counselled. I threw away her paintings and made her feel guilty about Edward all the time. I made her hate Evan as well as herself. Devastated, she stopped coming to me.”

“You cruel lady!”, Veronica was about to slap her when a police officer stopped her. “Mr. Roberts, how did you kill her then?” “One day, my wife was not at home. I kept a close watch on Sonia’s movements. I called up Pristine and asked her to carry her death injection. It had a fatal drug called Fatalizine, which when once injected to someone, could kill them within a few seconds. We entered Sonia’s house. I told her that I was going to showcase a drama. The protagonist has to kill herself and thus I need her to write a suicide note. Sonia was the only artist I knew. I said I had not brought any materials and asked her to use her own. She wrote it as I dictated, not knowing that I was going to use it to portray her own murder as suicide. She wrote it for me and Pristine took over. She asked her how she was feeling. Sonia said she was very upset. Pristine offered to inject her a drug that would relax her. She assured her it would not have any side effects. After convincing her a lot, she agreed. She was willingly taking it, hence she did not shout like how Evan did. Within a moment, Sonia was over and our revenge was taken. Then, Pristine kept this empty pack of sleeping pills near her corpse. We quickly left from there as though nothing had happened. We were back home before my wife.”

“The next day my wife told me she was going out. She stupidly went to visit Sonia because Sonia had hardly come to see us ever since Edward’s death. She saw her dead and screamed. She called me. I myself called the police as it would ensure nobody suspected me.” “Well played, Mr. Roberts. And as for you, Pristine, I suspected you from the moment I visited your clinic. Your name plate- Dr. Pristine Roberts was enough to beget suspicion. Your picture at the Roberts’ place and your affection towards Edward was evident of your involvement in my sister’s murder. You both planned your game well, but your mistakes helped me trace your trail. I played it your way and you were trapped. Have a great time planning things in prison, both of you!”, Veronica yelled.

The police officers arrested both of them. While they were leaving, they saw Mrs. Roberts outside the door, weeping. “I never expected my son’s father to be a murderer! You killed an innocent girl for no reason, John!!!!! Arrest him, officers”, she said and made way for them to leave. Veronica went to her and hugged her. Both of them cried for long, without uttering a word. After a long pause, Veronica asked Mrs. Roberts to shift to her place as both were without a family now. Evan married Veronica and they all stayed together at Veronica’s place, along with Evan’s mother. Time and again, they missed their beloved ones who were gone. But they stayed happy for the rest of their lives, as Sonia and Edward would have wished to see them, always.


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