Mysteriously yours: Chapter Four


Veronica suddenly reckoned she had seen the date on one of those unopened gifts! She rushed to Sonia’s wardrobe where they were kept. Her prediction was right. The last gift was given to Sonia on that day. Only Evan could now answer her questions. Did he know what happened six months ago? Veronica went to bed thinking all about the scattered clues she had seen ever since she entered the house.

She woke up at seven a.m. and finished few household chores. She was about to call Evan when the doorbell rang. It was him. “How are you?”, she asked him. “Fine”, he responded. She let him in. “Evan, I need you to tell me all that I do not know about you and Sonia”. Veronica had the knack of choosing the most manipulatively perfect words while talking, which never revealed her intentions behind asking something. “Okay. We were going through a lot of problems”, he said, pensively. “Why?”, she asked. “Because I had ceased to love her.”, he replied, embarrassed. “Huh? Er.. When did you meet her the last time?”, she asked, to know whether he was the last person to meet Sonia before she died.

“At Christmas, when you came to spend the vacations with us”, he said. “Never after that?”, she asked in extreme disbelief. “No. After Christmas, I went to stay at my aunt’s place in London. I never saw Sonia since then”, he said. “How did you come to know about Sonia’s death?”, she asked him, recollecting what Mr. Roberts told her- he had not informed Evan about Sonia, he reached there all by himself.

“I came to know only when I reached here. I had an argument with Sonia the previous night. She was angry and depressed as I refused to marry her. I decided to visit her and sort it out. But I was too late..”, he replied. “Do you have your tickets?”, she asked. She couldn’t trust him easily. He started frisking his wallet. “Yes. Good I didn’t throw them.”, he handed them to her after looking for them for nearly ten minutes. He had gone to London immediately after New year and returned just the day Sonia died. “I didn’t love her but I could never kill her”, he said, almost at the verge of breaking down.

Veronica further investigated, “When did your problems begin?” “Three months back”, he replied. “Did she tell you about someone who was troubling her?”, asked Veronica with a hope to extract some clue regarding the murderer. “No, but I once remember her telling me to marry her as she was in danger. I ignored it thinking she had become a lunatic.” “You’re such a disgusting person, Evan”!, yelled an enraged Veronica. “No wonder Sonia never opened the gifts you had been sending her until six months ago!”, she blurted. “What gifts? She never liked receiving any gifts. I never got her any”, he said. Veronica rushed to Sonia’s wardrobe and showed him the gifts. “You DIDN’T gift these to her?”, she asked, alarmed. “No! I don’t know who gave these to her! She never told me about any such gifts!”, said Evan. Veronica had to first find who had gifted these to Sonia. Only then she could find what happened six months ago and why Sonia was killed.

“You may leave now”, she told Evan. “I hate you because you hurt my sister!”, she looked at him despicably. He left without a word. Veronica found Sonia’s telephone directory near her dressing table. She had to find another ER, who was connected to Sonia’s murder.  Maybe it was this ER who killed her. She started browsing the directory for some clue. She saw one name and she was startled. Is this the one? Veronica decided to find out for herself the very next day. She suddenly thought she was inches away from the murderer. All she had to do was to entrap him/her. The mystery was almost solved.


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