Mysteriously yours: Chapter Three


Mr. Roberts interrupted. “Edward was our one and only son. He killed himself six months ago. Nobody knows why.” His face was fuming with rage as he said that. “I am sorry to hear that”, said a gloomy Veronica. She was herself doomed, she had nobody in the world now whom she could call hers. Her parents had died long ago. Sonia was her one and only loved one in the world. Now she was gone too. The Roberts at least had each other.

“Perhaps I should come later, take care”, she said and left. She reached home. Edward followed by Sonia. Was there some link that connected their deaths? Sonia’s diary!! She could find everything in it!! Sonia always poured her heart out in her diary. Veronica started frisking each corner of the house. She had to find the diary anyhow. She looked everywhere. She always kept it in her cupboard. It wasn’t there. Nor was it anywhere else. It was nowhere to be found. Her diary was missing. Maybe her diary could speak volumes about her murderer. Hence, he/she took it after killing her. This seemed a planned conspiracy to Veronica.

Veronica saw a visiting card on Sonia’s dressing table. It had the details of Dr. Pristine, a psychiatrist. She dialled the number. “Hello, is this Dr. Pristine?” asked Veronica. “Yes, who is this?”, replied the voice. “Veronica Sanders. I am Sonia’s sister. Did Sonia visit you regularly?”, asked a curious Veronica. Pristine replied, “Er… yes”. “May I come to meet you now?”, asked Veronica. “Okay”, replied the doctor in a somewhat reluctant voice. “I’ll be there in ten minutes, doctor”, said Veronica and disconnected the call.

She reached there in no time. She asked Pristine why exactly did Sonia come to her. “She was depressed. She had her own problems”, said Pristine. “If you could elaborate?”, Veronica requested. “She had problems with her boyfriend, Evan. He told her that he did not love her anymore. She loved him deeply though. This made her feel quite lonely.” Another evidence against Evan. Veronica discovered a pile of papers in a far-end of the room. She saw a familiar sign on them. It was Sonia’s ‘S’. Sonia always put that sign on whatever she wrote, drew or painted. It was also there on the so-called suicide note, Veronica recollected. “Doctor! Those are Sonia’s paintings, right? How dare you dump them like that?”, screamed Veronica. She ran and grabbed those paintings. Muttering a thank you, she rushed home to see them.

Meanwhile she called up Evan. She had to sort things out and know if Evan was really her sister’s murderer. It was one p.m. and he had not yet turned up. He said he was not feeling well and that he’d come the next day. Veronica was annoyed. She threatened him that if he did not turn up then, she’d definitely come to his place.

She went home to see the paintings. There were three of them. The first one had a door, with the words DANGER written on it in bold. While the rest of the alphabets were painted black, the last two alphabets, E and R were painted in red. This immediately reminded her of those unopened presents and the notes attached to them. Was Sonia aware that her life was in danger? The other picture had her own self to the extreme left, crying. The extreme right showed Evan walking away from her. This clearly indicated that she was not on good terms with Evan anymore. She couldn’t interpret what the third one meant, though. It showed a coffin. Sonia sat beside it and there was a speech bubble near it: I DIDN’T! Veronica couldn’t guess what exactly Sonia had referred to. What did she mean by that? Was she being accused for someone’s murder? Did she kill someone unintentionally? “These paintings are going to lead me to the murderer”, she thought.

She folded them and put them in place. Her gaze fixed at the third painting again. There was a date engraved on the coffin: 14.09.2013. She recollected having seen that date elsewhere. But where? Besides, what exactly happened six months ago? Why did Sonia paint that picture? History has many secrets buried deep inside itself, Veronica thought. Only digging into history could solve this mystery.


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